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The most reliable network anywhere

We systematically invest and develop national and international service networks, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and providing extended range, backup and alternative routing at all service hubs, thereby ensuring maximum availability of our services, both locally and internationally.


The most reliable mobile network in Cyprus with the greater coverage. Since February 2004, Cyta has been Vodafone’s exclusive partner in Cyprus and, consequently, a member of the largest mobile communications network in the world. Pioneer in the field of mobile telephony Cyta launched the first 5G network in Cyprus. 5G network already covers 100% of the population in outdoor areas. with 80% coverage in February 2021.

Fiber, the fiber optic network in Cyprus

A huge investment that will enhance communication and the economy of Cyprus as a whole. The Fiber network provides:

  • Speeds of 1 Gbps or more, ideal for almost anything you want to do online (Downloading large files and videos, online meetings, simultaneous connection of multiple devices).
  • Minimal Lattency for all operations performed in real time.
  • Safety, higher reliability and quality as it is not affected by weather conditions, does not interfere and the only way to stop the signal is if someone naturally cuts the fiber.

Currently, Cyta's FTTH network is available to 27,000 homes and businesses and is expected to reach 45,000 by the end of 2020, making it the largest fiber optic network in Cyprus. 60% of the project is expected to be completed in 4 years.