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Cyta Fiber

Why connect to the Fiber network?

Speeds of light up 2Gbps!

Instant and fast transfer of big data!

Fast, seamless and
reliable internet access!

Use of new cutting-edge technologies to increase and improve your activity!
  • Free modem with Wi-Fi and router functionalities.
  • One free Public IP address.
  • One free e-mail address. Please note that in case the e-mail address is not used for a period of more than 6 months, the e-mail address will be deactivated and the content of the mailbox will be deleted.
  • Free provision of antivirus and antispam email protection.
  • Free provision of Safe Internet for protecting children from illegal, undesirable and harmful internet content.
  • Access your e-mail on the move via the Web Mail service.
  • Free Technical Service and Customer Support via 132.

Access to the internet is offered as follows: (i) Advertised speed - this is the speed that is advertised for each product, (ii) Maximum speed - this is the same as the advertised speed, (iii) Normally available speed - this is at least 90% of the maximum speed and is available to the end user twenty-four hours a day, (iv) Minimum speed - this is defined as 80% of the maximum speed.

  • Professional groups that number more than 15 persons are offered 5% discount on the monthly subscription of Internet Home.
  • Large families are offered 15% discount on monthly subscription of Internet Home service.
  • Special Internet Home tariff packages with 61% discount are offered to people with special needs.
  • Customers of the Internet Home products can place an order for a 2nd Internet Home product with a discount of up to 51%.