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Pay Per View

If you are a Value pack or a Variety pack customer and wish to watch live football matches via the Cytavision sports channels you can enjoy the matches through your Set Top Box (STB) and the Pay Per View service.

If you have a 2nd set top box, you can pay to watch a live match on one of the two, without having to pay a second time to watch the same programme on one of the set top boxes or both simultaneously.

You can access Pay Per View in one of two ways:

By selecting the Pay Per View channel (601/602/603) on your remote control.

  • On Pay Per View 601/602/603 press ΟΚ and then “Next Programme”.
  • Check that you have selected the match you want to watch. For later matches, use the 2nd
    access method.
  • Select “Buy” and then “Pay Per View” (the charge for the match will appear).
  • Enter your “Buy PIN”.

From the Main Menu.

  • Select “Channels Programme”.
  • Find Pay Per View 601/602/603 with the remote control, by pressing 601/602/603 or using the up and down arrows.
  • On the Pay Per View channel, use the right arrow on the remote control to select the match you want to watch.
  • Select “Buy” and then “Pay Per View” (the charge for the match will appear).
  • Enter your “Buy PIN”.

Buy a match via CytavisionGo

If you are not a Cytavision customer and wish to watch live football matches via the Cytavision Sports channels you can do so via a browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox) or through the CytavisionGo application.

The ability to buy football matches is available from Cytavision via a personal computer, a mobile phone and your tablet, with the use of a credit card.

In order to use the service you must register here.

You can buy and watch a match via a browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox) here. If you wish to download the CytavisionGo application for mobile phones and tablets via App Store or Google Play.

If you are a customer of the «Cyprus Football» pack via internet and wish to watch International Sports Content of Cytavision, you can do that through the CytavisionGo application.

Sign up here.

Registration & Purchasing a football match

Step 1:
Subscribe to the Cytavision Go service by filling in your details.
Select "login" from the website and then "Register Now", "Buy a match" and "Create account".
In the "Email" field you will enter your e-mail address and in the "Code" field you will set your personal secret code, which you will use every time you want to watch a match.
The code must consist of 8 Latin characters in uppercase and lowercase letters and a number.
You will receive codes to confirm your account on your mobile (via SMS) and email (on the email account you have entered).
Fill in the on-screen prompts to confirm your account.

Step 2:
To complete your registration, you will need to enter your credit card details which will be used to charge for the purchase of the games every time you make a purchase.

Step 3:
Then you will receive the 8-digit subscriber number (username 55xxxxxx) on the screen of the application and via e-mail.
This is the username which in combination with the secret code you have previously entered (password) allows you to log in to CytavisionGo.

Step 4:
The registration will be done only the first time you will use the Service. Each time you will simply be able to enter your passwords.
Choose the match you want from the PPV (Pay Per View) channels, make a purchase and watch it directly.

Enjoy the match!

Description Charges Charging Period
Cyta’s Client €7,00 Per event charge
Client from other provider €13,00 Per event charge
Overseas client €7,00 Per event charge

1. The price is inclusive of VAT. 
2. Channel 601 transmits the Horse Racing productions which are provided to Cytavision customers for free.