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Pay Per View

pay per view

Choose your match!

If you are a Value Pack or Variety Pack subscriber and you want to watch football matches that are screened live on Cytavision’s sports channels, you can do so for a number of matches with Pay Per View.

If you have a 2nd set top box, you can pay to watch a live match on one of the two, without having to pay a second time to watch the same programme on one of the set top boxes or both simultaneously.

You can access Pay Per View in one of two ways:

By selecting the Pay Per View channel (601/602/603) on your remote control.

  • On Pay Per View 601/602/603 press ΟΚ and then “Next Programme”.
  • Check that you have selected the match you want to watch. For later matches, use the 2nd
    access method.
  • Select “Buy” and then “Pay Per View” (the charge for the match will appear).
  • Enter your “Buy PIN”.

From the Main Menu.

  • Select “Channels Programme”.
  • Find Pay Per View 601/602/603 with the remote control, by pressing 601/602/603 or using the up and down arrows.
  • On the Pay Per View channel, use the right arrow on the remote control to select the match you want to watch.
  • Select “Buy” and then “Pay Per View” (the charge for the match will appear).
  • Enter your “Buy PIN”.
Description Charges Charging Period
Pay Per View €7,00 Per event charge

1. The price is inclusive of VAT.
2. A prerequisite for enabling the above service is a subscription to Cytavision's Value Pack or Value Pack Plus.
3. Channel 602 transmits the Horse Raising produstions which are provided to Cytavision customers for free.