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soeasy Pay As You Go Roaming

Roaming Like at Home
As of 1st June 2017, you will be able to use your domestic plan, when travelling in the European Union countries, with no extra charge.

If you are a soeasy pay as you go, the below information will help you to find out all you need to know prior to your trip about using your mobile phone abroad. Just don't forget to pack your mobile phone!

  • Before you go
  • Calls from Abroad
  • Out of credit abroad

Decide if you want to receive calls while you are abroad and prepare for your trip.

  • soeasy pay as you go is ready to roam with you. Please note that, call forwarding to Voicebox will be deactivated when you travel for your protection. If call forwarding to Voicebox was activated, any calls directed to it would result in international calls being charged to your account. Please remember to activate it when you return to Cyprus.
  • Pack your battery charger and check the voltage in the country that you are visiting, and that you have a universal power point adapter. You are reminded that the power supply requirements in Cyprus are 240V / 50Hz.
  • Make sure that you have your Voicebox password with you. You will need it in case you want to receive your voice messages by dialing +3571239XXXXXXX and by interrupting the Voicebox announcement by pressing #. This applies in case someone calls your Voicebox directly by dialing 1239XXXXXXX.
  • Remember to top-up before you go or to take with you extra soeasy top- up Cards, in case you run out of credit.
  • Check that the SMS Centre in your mobile is stored in its international format (+35799700000)
  • Note and take with you our international customer call centre number +357 22 880 132. You can dial it from any non soeasy pay as you go phone in the country you visit should you encounter any trouble in using the service.
  • If you are visiting countries like the USA, Canada or Japan just make sure that your mobile phone is compatible with the networks in these countries. Networks all around the world use different technology and different radio bands. Cytamobile – Vodafone is operating a GSM 900/1800 MHz network. If you are visiting a network with a different System Type then you should acquire the appropriate handset and insert your SIM card in it. Your number will remain the same and your account will be charged as normal.

If you are using a direct dial network, you can call just like when you are at home. You just need to include the appropriate country code.

  Direct Dial Network Any other network
Calling Cyprus Key in +357 for Cyprus Followed by the number you want to reach Key in *111*+357XXXXXXXX#
Calling anywhere else As above, but use the appropriate country code instead of +357 Key in *111*country code telephone number#
Top-up *115*16-digit number# *115*16-digit number#
Check Balance *110# *110#
Emergency 112 112
Customer Care +35722880100 *111*+35722880100#

It is possible that a few networks will not support outgoing calls. In such a case please try to select another network manually through your mobile phone’s menu.

Sending text messages when you are roaming:
You can send and receive text messages in exactly the same way as you do in Cyprus.

Things you can do to top up your account.

If you have extra soeasy top-up Cards with you, just dial *115*16 digit number# or call (from any non soeasy pay as you go phone) the Call Center at + 35722880100.

If you do not have an extra soeasy top-up Card, you can always ask a friend in Cyprus to buy a card for you and top up by calling 1883.