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Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

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Roaming Limit

The European Union has issued a directive that was put into effect on the 1st July 2010, according to which a monthly limit of €50 will apply with regards to Mobile Internet Roaming in countries outside the EU. According to this directive, you will receive a warning pop up message when the monthly charges for Mobile Internet Roaming reach €40. When charges reach the limit of €50 you will receive another pop up message and the Mobile Internet service will be disconnected. You can continue using the service by selecting a new limit through the pop up message you will receive or by sending an SMS to 8000 with the following keywords: 
  • ON RL 100 to set your limit at €100
  • ON RL 200 to set your limit at €200
  • ON RL 500 to set your limit at €500
  • ON RL 1500 to set your lim
Please complete the following information:
Log in to MyCyta account so that you can proceed with the service activation.
To activate the service from your mobile via SMS:
- To subscribe send on rl_1 [Amount] to number 8000.
- To stop subscription send off rl_1 [Amount] to number 8000. more

The service is not provided through this channel.
The service collects information related to your profile during your use for personalized recommendations.
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