New to cybee

cybee is the service which enables access to a wide range of advanced content right to your mobile phone via sms and over wap. Wherever you are and whenever you need it cybee will deliver it to your mobile phone. 

Why cybee?

Because we can make your life easy, exciting and keep you up to date with the information you need. cybee customers can get a ringtone, get live football results, learn where to find the closest pharamacy, and other information we use all the time.

cybee world of services includes...

 - Mobile fun: A wide variety of images, music and games that will make your mobile come to life and make your life more exciting.
 - News & Info: which can help you get information quickly and easily concerning a person/s or a businesses/s telephone numbers, CSE closing prices, and OPAP/s lottery games results.
- Love & Life: which will help you learn what the stars have in store for you, your daily biorhythms, how the power of numbers can reveal the future, and how feng shui philosophy can enhance the    quality of your life via your mobile, or chat your little heart out.
- Sports: which will keep you informed about all Football results, the official horse racing results form the Nicosia Racing Club, and the official Cyprus Rally results form Cyprus Automobile Association.
- Messaging: offers FREE web SMS and Email notification everytime mail arrives at your cybee account.

What do I need to use cybee services?

To use cybee you need to be a Cytamobile-Vodafone customer and own a mobile. If your mobile is wap enabled you can access cybee visit our WAP site address If you have a smart phone or PDA type in in your internet browser. Some services are offered via our website at Use our website to register as a cybee Member and enjoy our services.

Why register?

- To customise your services in a way that is not possible from your mobile phone.
- To receive special bonuses ( Free Email, Free SMS etc ) available for our Web service users.
- To find out first about cybee's new services.
You do not need to register to access all our SMS services directly from your phone.

How much services cost and how are they billed?

Prices vary from service to service, some are even free.
- For pay monthly plans' customers, all charges will appear in their bill.
- soeasy pay as you go plans' customers will pay as they use services.