Meet Me Conference


Conference Calls with excellent voice quality!

Use the Meet Me Conference facility, to make conference calls with your associates and colleagues simple, easy and with excellent voice quality.

With the Μeet Me Conference facility you can make conference calls with many participants that are located either in Cyprus or abroad. The participants don’t have to be subscribers of the facility, or have any special equipment.

The facility can be provided to any Business Telephony or Business Telephony for PBX service and requires a fixed telephone number (existing or new).

Conference calls can be established simply and easy, through the Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Take advantage of the opportunity and establish economic, direct and quality communication, eliminating borders and distances.

  • High quality voice and reliability during the conference call
  • No additional equipment and investment cost
  • Call conference with up to 5 users (entry package) located in Cyprus or abroad
  • Additional packages per 5 users
  • Simply and easy use of the facility via Microsoft Outlook
  • Technical support with the reliability of Cyta.

To use Meet Me Conference you need:

  • A fixed number in Business Telephony or Business Telephony for PBX service.
  • Launch the Meet Me Conference facility.
  • Installation of Cyta Meet Me Conference Plug IN application.

Click here for detailed instructions on installation & usage of Meet Me Conference application.