International Numbers Facility


“International Numbers” facility is the most effective solution to reduce missed calls and expand your business to new areas and markets at a very low investment cost, or to have a personal touch with all your customers overseas.

With the "International Numbers" facility, you obtain a foreign number of the country you wish. The international number is registered to a specific fixed local telephone number. When calling from the local telephone number you have registered the facility, the number displayed to the called party is the international number instead of your Cyprus number.

Υour customers overseas will be able to call you on their country's phone number and will be charged at local rates. All calls to your international number will be transferred to the corresponding local number where the facility is registered.

“International Numbers” facility is available only on Business Telephony and Business Telephony for PBX (SIP) connections.

Click here to see the detailed list of the countries for which international numbers are offered.