Transfer of Ownership

Fixed telephony customers can request the "transfer of ownership" of their telephone connection to another individual or any Legal Entity (e.g. company, partnership).

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Provision Charge€ 10,16Once Off
Note: Prices include VAT.
What is the required when placing an order for a new Telephone Connection?

Two application forms must be filled out:
  1. A special application form, signed by both the current and the new customer to whom
    ownership is transferred.
  2. An application form ordering a new telephone connection. Therefore the new owners
    presence at Cyta's Customer Service Office is required.
Service Provision
  1. Application for ownership transfer and new telephone connection order placement.
  2. Signing of the General Agreement in case the new customer, to whom ownership is being transferred, is not a Cyta customer.
  1. The telephone service to be transferred must have been in operation for at least one month since installation.
  2. Settlement of any outstanding overdue balances.
  3. Guarantees are required for non-permanent residents.