International Freephone Service

It is the service via which your customers abroad are able to call you free of charge via an easily remembered number.

The International Freephone Service is for businesses wishing:

  • To attract customers from abroad.
  • To provide their international customers with free and efficient service.

The International Freephone Service enables businesses to:
  • Engage in telesales, provide information and support from a single central location.
  • Have a broader geographical outreach.

Customers of the service include: Banks, Estate Agents, Hotels and others.

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Connection Fee€ 29,75Once Off
Subscription€ 23,80Monthly
  1. Prices include VAT.
  2. View the detailed call charges.
The International Freephone Number consists of the prefix 8009 and a 4-digit number.
Advantages for your customers
  • They have a telephone number from which they can obtain direct service from your company.
  • They can communicate quickly and easily with your business.
  • They are not charged for their calls.

Advantages for your Business

  • You can create a virtual branch in any country you like.
  • You improve your business’s image by providing telephone service to your international customers and partners at no cost to them.
  • You increase the number of incoming calls and, consequently, of your sales.