Channelised Circuits & Leased Lines Through Channelised Circuits

Channelised E1 multiplexes the subscriber segments of Leased Lines (the sum of which does not exist 1984Kbps) into a transmitter of 2Mbps.

It is used when there is a need to connect the central premises of a customer with a number of other premises of the same customer and/or his associates.

A Channelised Circuit connects the premises of the customer with the nearest telecommunication exchange of Cyta. It can then be connected to other premises by using Leased Lines through Channelised Circuits.

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In case where the customer’s premises and the Cyta telecommunication exchange are housed in the same building, or the customer equipment is collocated in Cyta’s telecommunication exchange the line is charged according to Channelised Circuit type A. In all other cases, where the customer’s premises are within Cyta’s access network, it is charged according to Channelised Circuit type B.

Leased Lines through Channelised Circuit consists of two subscriber sections and one core network section. The subscriber section is the one linking the subscriber’s premises with the nearest telecommunication exchange.

The core network section is the optical distance between the telecommunication exchange on which the Channelised Circuit is linked and the telecommunication exchange on which the Leased Line through Channelised Circuit is connected.

The core network section for Leased Lines is divided into four zones as follows:
  1. Network section 0-5km
  2. Network Section 5-20km
  3. Network Section 20-80km
  4. Network Section of over 80km
The amount charged for the first 5 klm is fixed, while for the additional distance there is a per kilometre charge.

When the distance between the two telecommunication exchanges is equal to or less than 800m, no network section charge is made. Also, there is no network section charge when the two premises are less than 800m apart or where they are linked to the same telecommunication exchange.

When a Leased Line through Channelised Circuit or a Chanelised Circuit is leased for a period of less than one month, one month’s subscription fees are charged.

Leased Lines through Channelised Circuits are used to provide internet connection with Cytanet in the cases where the connection speed is less than or equal to 2Mbps.