National Leased Lines / Analogue - 155MBPS

A Private Leased Line is the permanent communication link between two premises for the exclusive use of the customer.

A direct connection is carried out between the premises of the same customer or two different customers, which are situated in different areas within Cyprus and this line which belongs to Cyta, is leased to the customer according to the charge prevailing for the respective product at the time.

In general National Private Leased Lines provide an ideal solution for businesses which handle large volumes of information and require a continuous connection between pre-determined premises via a reliable and cost-efficient method.

National Private Leased Lines can be used for:

  • Transmission of voice and data
  • Connection to the internet
  • Transfer of radio and television programs
  • Connection of private networks
A customer can request from Cyta a large number of Prvate Leased Line in order to create a private network that is connections (links) between his premises and/or various premises of his customers (third parties).

Analogue Circuits
These are normally used for providing monophonic channels for data transmission at low speed (<64kbps).

Digital Circuits
These are used for fast transmission of data at high speed (64kbps-2Mbps).

Broadband Circuits
These are used for the creation of high-speed private networks (>2Mbps) and for the connection of local computer networks (LAN C10 and 100Mbps).

Analogue/Digital PBX Extensions
These are used for the installation of PABX extensions in premises which are located not more than 400m from the private telephone exchange.

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Every National Leased Line consists of two subscriber sections and one core network section.

The subscriber section is the one linking the subscriber’s premises with the nearest telecommunication exchange. The charge of subscriber section depends on the speed of the product and the type of subscriber section involved. Where the customer’s premises and the Cyta telecommunication exchange are housed in the same building, the line is charged according to subscriber section type A. In all other cases, where the customer’s premises are within Cyta’s access network, it is charged according to subscriber section type B. Only in special cases, where the customer’s premises lie outside Cyta’s network, is subscriber section type C valid (the charge does not include any additional costs which may arise and which are payable by the customer).

The core network section is the optical distance between the two furthermost telecommunication exchanges to which the customer’s premises are linked.

The network section for Leased Lines is divided into four zones as follows:
  1. Network section 0-5km
  2. Network Section 5-20km
  3. Network Section 20-80km
  4. Network Section of over 80km
The amount charged for the first 5 klm is fixed, while for the additional distance there is a per kilometre charge.

When the distance between the two telecommunication exchanges linking the customer’s premises is equal to or less than 800m, no network section charge is made. Also, there is no network section charge when the two customer’s premises are less than 800m apart or where they are linked to the same telecommunication exchange.

When a Leased Line is leased for a period of less than one month, one month’s subscription fees are charged.
  • Fast, cost efficient and reliable solutions in term of transferring large amount of data.
  • Exclusive use for 24 hours a day.
  • Wide range of speeds.
  • Ability to adopt to the particular needs of every company through distinct solutions.
  • Exlusive point to point connection for relible and safe communication.
  • Pre-determined charge, independent of the frequency of use of the circuit by the customer, based upon the distance between the customer's two premises and the transmission capacity supported by the line.