EVPN Service enables business customers to transmit telecommunication traffic such as voice, video and data between their premises. Provides a multipoint-to-multipoint connection between two or more customer sites using IP protocol. Geographically dispread company locations are connected through Cyta’s network via a shared infrastructure and communicate with the same policies and security features enjoyed by private networks.

Using MPLS protocol over Cyta’s Ethernet/IP network, enables Ethernet services to offer higher quality than local networks. The network design is based on international standards that provide reliability and security and simplify network operations, administration, management and provisioning. Cyta’s wide geographical network coverage and control of all the network equipment and physical access, enables the usage of security mechanism and contributes in providing reliable services end to end. In addition, the extension of Cyta’s Ethernet/IP network to other countries and it interconnection with other international IP network enables international connections without any quality differentiation.

EVPN Service offers quality of service classification (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and the ability to have different levels of performance in each predefined class of service. Access to the service is achieved via an Ethernet accesses in each company site while data transmission from point-to-point is performed via EVPN circuits.

The data transmission speeds offered for EVPN circuits start from 128Kbps up to 1Gbps.

For protection of EVPN circuits, back up EVPN circuits are offered. In cases of disaster or any other disruption of one or more main access points, customers’ equipment and the network will transmit data via back up EVPN circuits to the alternative Ethernet access.