Ethernet Access

The new Ethernet networking services enable business customers to transmit telecommunication traffic such as voice, video and data between their premises. The services share the same infrastructure of the new Ethernet/IP network of Cyta.

The broad usage of Ethernet technology and the avoidance of intermediate protocols (SDH/PDH/ATM/FR) make Ethernet services widely available, easy to use and less expensive than competing services due to lower equipment, service and operational costs.

The access rates offered to the Ethernet/IP network are symmetrical from 128Kbps to 2Mbps via copper wire and DSL technology and 100 and 1000Mbps via optical links. The following Ethernet services, E-Line and EVPN services are offered using the above access.

In order to assure business continuity and protect Ethernet accesses the alternative Ethernet accesses are offered to be used in cases of disaster or any other disruption of one or more main access points. The alternative Ethernet access is using a completely different Demarcation Device of Cyta and intention is to apply a completely independent physical connection that terminates to an alternative node.