Personal Number

Another easily-remembered number, that brings your calls to you.

From any district, customers can contact you on a non-geographic number. Calls are made on 700 XXXXX where 700 is the service code and XXXXX is your unique 5-digit number.

With Personal Number, calls received on this number can be forwarded successively to as many as three fixed or mobile telephones specified by you. You are not charged for the call forwarding from one telephone number to the next. When the call is forwarded from the first number of your choice to the second the caller hears a recorded message. If you don’t answer the call you have the option to end up the call in a voicemail of your choice and the caller can leave a voice message to you.

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Provision Charge€ 11,90Once Off
Subscription€ 5,95Monthly

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Disconnection FeeFree of charge-
Temporary Disconnection Subscription€ 5,95Monthly

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Reconnection Fee€ 2,03Once Off

  1. Prices include VAT.
  2. The Fixed and Mobile Telephony call rates are in effect.
  3. To view the call charges of the Personal Number Service click here.
  4. The monthly subscription fee continues to be charged for the entire period during which the service is temporarily disconnected.
Personal Number is for independent professionals or small businesses in which members of staff spend a large part of the day away from the office. It can also be useful to companies with 2 or 3 branches so that when a call is not answered by one branch it is forwarded to the next.

The service is currently being used with great success by architects, engineers, cleaning teams and technicians of all kinds.

Personal Number
also functions with telephone numbers that do not belong to Cyta.

To program the service, please click here.
…set up your profile
By calling 80001484 (free of charge), you can set up and change the order in which the telephones that you have connected to your Personal Number will ring.

…save money
There’s no need for a call center, no need for a telephonist, and no need to return all those missed calls on your mobile phone.

…make an impression
It is always better to advertise a Personal Number than a mobile telephone number.