Advice of Charge

The Advice of Charge (AoC) facility, provides information on the estimated cost of individual outgoing calls made via your PBX. The cost is an estimation of final charge and does not include any discounts. The information is delivered at the end of the call.

The AoC information is transmitted via SIP signaling to customer’s premises and can be enabled for SIP2SIP* connection and/or SIP2ISDN connections.

*ETSI TS 183 047 (ETSI/TISPAN) or 3GPP TS 24.647 (3GPP) and 3GPP TS 29.658

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Connection Fee€ 10,35Once Off
Subscription€ 5,00Monthly
Note: Prices include VAT.

AoC is available to all Cyta’s SIP-Trunking customers who submit an application.
You get estimated values for the charges of outgoing calls via your PBX.