Free upgrade of Cyta Fiber internet speeds

As of August 1st, the upload speeds of Internet Services at Cyta Fiber, the largest and fastest fiber optic network in Cyprus, have been increased at no additional cost.

Below you may find the new upgraded speeds:

Internet Speeds until 31/07/22 Upgraded Internet Speeds as of 01/08/22
Internet Home 100Mbps/30Mbps Internet Home 100Mbps/40Mbp
Internet Home 200Mbps/40Mbps Internet Home 200Mbps/60Mbps
Internet Home 300Mbps/60Mbps Internet Home 300Mbps/80Mbps
Internet Home 500Mbps/90Mbps Internet Home 500Mbps/120Mbps
Internet Home 1Gbps/120Mbps Internet Home 1Gbps/250Mbps
Internet Business 150Mbps/80Mbps Internet Business 150Mbps/100Mbps

Now, your business enjoys even faster internet speeds to make the most of the applications and systems you use and at the same time to operate and compete successfully in the new and rapidly evolving market environment.

Choose the speed that best suits you!