Cloud Services Introduction

Cloud Services

Cloud Services, is the new business reinvention that provides Information Technology-as-a-Service, setting the ground rules for productive decisions and deeper collaboration. Cloud Services or Cloud Computing as otherwise known, is based on the convergence of telecommunications and information technology and the demand for such services in the international arena, is increasing rapidly, because they are changing the business model from “buying” products with increased capital expenditure, to “renting” services on a monthly subscription basis.

In times of great economic challenges, financing the capital expenditures on IT in a way that does not adversely influence the business cash flow can be key to survival and ensures sustainable transition to the new era.

Cyta maintains a comprehensive Cloud Services portfolio differentiated with:

  • Expert technical support,
  • Secured datacenter infrastructures,
  • Resilience in the telecommunication networks.

At Cyta we make sure that you can move your business in the Cloud with safety, speed, customer care and a common bill for all your services.

Capitalizing on the efficiencies of the Software-as-a-Service model, known internationally as Saas, we make available to the business market the most sophisticated software applications.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Addressing the needs for cost-efficient infrastructure, we have tailored our business offerings on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model, known as IaaS.

The customer can have access to infrastructure and IT systems which are hosted, maintained and supported at Cyta’s Data Centers, paying at the end of the month for the usage of the resources consumed.