Call Recording


Call Recording: A toοl to improve your company's performance

Use Call Recording to improve your quality, compliance and customer satisfaction. With just a monthly subscription fee, you can have a tool that allows your company to have an in depth understanding of customer needs and how you respond to them.

With the new Call Recording facility, you can record (using fixed or mobile phone) incoming and outgoing calls to and from all your business service points.  All telephone conversations for orders, customer service, bookings and/or negotiations are recorded and securely stored, to access them whenever you need them.  Benefit by utilizing these calls to improve customer service, monitor quality of customer care, upgrade employee performance and understand your customer’s preferences and much more. Moreover, these records can act as proof of the transaction in the event of a dispute between the parties involved.

The caller is automatically informed that his call is being recorded and you can easily, quickly and simply access the recorded files at any time.

This facility is available in Business Telephony services (Business Telephony and Business Telephony for PBX, as well as in mobile plans) and fully inline, with any legal issues and security rules that apply to such services.

To get the Call Recording facility, call us for free at Business Customer Service at 150.