Switch to Broadband Telephony

Even better communication with the new telephone network

Cyta is constantly developing and upgrading its technological infrastructure and is now proceeding with the installation of a new, modern broadband telephone network, which will replace the analogue fixed telephone network.

The new network enables us to offer you innovative services with upgraded characteristics and capabilities that respond to the present and future needs of your business.

Savings on costs
By replacing your existing fixed telephony services with broandband telephony, you will make considerable savings on your monthly subscription and the equipment you need.

Additionally, all your intra-company fixed calls will be free and unlimited.

Flexible modern solutions
Broadband telephony provides new and upgraded facilities as well as the ability to add or remove telephone numbers without further investment or upgrades. It also enables teleworking and supports personnel on the go.

A better experience
You can manage your fixed telephony service online, wherever you are and on any device easily, fast and effectively.

We have drawn up a plan for the gradual transfer of businesses to the new network. The changeover will be completed over the next few months.

All businesses, whether served by a Business Consultant or by Business Customer Call Centre operators (on 150), will be informed about:

  • The broadband telephony service, which better serves their needs, and the financial benefits it brings, and
  • The timetable for transferring to the new network and any changes that need to be made.

A specialized Cyta crew will then visit your premises to make the necessary technical changes. Our technical staff are expertly trained to carry out the required work in a fast, reliable and safe manner.

For the most efficient transfer of your business, we recommend that you identify and record the following:

  • All the premises of your business with fixed telephone connections, the telephone facilities you have and the technology used on each of the premises (e.g. analogue, ISDN, etc.).
  • The locations of lifts or alarm systems connected to the fixed telephony system.
  • The equipment you use (e.g. devices, switches, etc).
  • Your businesses’ likely future needs, if you know what they are.

For businesses without a PBX, the installation of any broadband service on its premises requires internal cabling (interconnecting each telephone by cable to the modem).

Cabling needs to be completed before the visit to your premises by our crew, which only undertakes to install and activate the service and to inform you of its capabilities.

Cabling can be carried out by an electrician of your choice. Alternatively, we can undertake this work for you through Cytacom Solutions, which is a subsidiary of Cyta.

Frequently Asked Questions

The replacement of analogue telephony with broadband is a global trend. Broadband telephony via IP offers significant advantages over analogue: convergence of networks and technologies, flexibility and greater mobility.

Cyta follows international trends in a timely manner and opens up new horizons, making the most of the converged technologies and applications of telecommunications and IT. With the new broadband telephone network, Cyta will be in a position to respond to the increased needs for upgraded and reliable solutions, enabling our customers to communicate from anywhere, on any device, at anytime.

Cyta will replace your business’s analogue telephone service with broadband telephony services. Cyta’s specialist personnel will analyse each customer’s own needs and propose solutions, including:

  • Communication solutions
  • Telephone equipment
  • Support for alarm systems that operate with analogue telephony
  • Support for emergency phones in lifts

Yes, this change has to take place. It is an essential technical upgrade to a new, modern telephone network that is compatible with the technology being used around the world. The changeover will take place gradually and be completed over the next few months.

In case of a power failure, fixed phones using broadband will not be able to make outgoing calls since their modem will not operate. Cyta has developed special solutions without a modem (Telephony, Telephony Special Use) which ensure that, even in case of a power failure, our customers’ telephone service will operate 24/7. You just need to let us know that you have a fixed telephony alarm system or an emergency phone in a lift on your premises and we will provide the telephone service that best meets your needs.

For Customers who want to combine telephony and Internet on the same connection Cyta provides the option of purchasing a mini UPS, which in the event of a power failure will supply the modem so that the fixed telephony and Internet services continue to operate. Customers can order the mini UPS from Cyta website (https://www.cyta.com.cy/product-list/en?FamilySN=5) or purchase it from any Cytashop.

Even when your modem is out of order and your phone is not working, you will not miss any calls. Simply activate the free Call Forwarding on not Reachable facility and when your phone is not operating incoming calls will be forwarded to a mobile or fixed phone of your choice (activation *94 and an 8-digit number - fixed or mobile - deactivation *95).

No. Over the coming months, Cyta will contact every business to discuss the transfer to the new telephone network and will inform you of the changes that will take place.

As a matter of principle, Cyta protects its customers and their telephone calls, irrespective of the service and the technology being used.

Telephone calls are routed to Cyta’s private voice network, ensuring excellent call quality and secure conversations, and not via the Internet (www).