No more missed calls with Ring Group

No more missed calls...

Description Charges Charging Period
Connection Fee € 10,34 Once Off
Subscription € 5,18 Monthly

Note: Prices include VAT.

Use the Ring Group to reduce your customer waiting time and speed-up service.

  • Define a number that will be displayed on all outgoing calls from a group of employees, for example 2x123456. This number is not connected to a specific handset but is shared among the members of the Ring Group. Each member of the Ring Group continues to have its own personal extension.
  • An incoming call to 2x123456 rings the numbers that belong to the RingGroup based on the selected ring setup – simultaneously – sequentially – circular.
  • Once the call is answered the rest of the Ring Group numbers stop ringing.
  • The Ring Group member can be located at different geographical sites even on the move.
  • You can receive information on missed call at an email address of your choice.

ring group

1. Incoming Call to a Ring Group with simultaneous ring setup:
All available extension in the Ring Group will ring simultaneously. Once someone answers the call the rest of the numbers will stop ringing.

2. Incoming Call to a Ring Group with circular ring setup:
The incoming call cycles through the extension in the Ring Group until someone answers the call.

3. Incoming Call to a Ring Group with sequential ring setup:
The incoming call is routed sequentially from one extension of the Ring Group to the next one. In case the call is not answered it is transferred to voicemail.