Queuing Facility


With Queuing facility, you customers’ calls are answered on a first come, first served basis

This facility is an ideal solution for companies with many incoming calls that wish to discharge reception and improve their customer service.

Queuing facility provides:

Intelligent call routing to increase efficiency and avoid missed calls Apply queues on your company’s incoming calls to avoid missed or dropped calls. Incoming calls are sorted based on time criteria and they are forwarded internally to be served when an agent is available. The on-hold callers listen to a welcome message, music, or current offers.
Flexibility Add or remove agents fast and easy with the click of a button according to demand. You can also route incoming calls from one point to another.
Teleworking and working on the move Support teleworking and agents on the move ensuring 24/7 support with a workforce that can login from anywhere.
Use of multiple devices You can use any device you want fixed, mobile, or personal computer to improve your company’s efficiency.

Όλα αυτά χωρίς αρχικό κόστος επένδυσης για αγορά εξοπλισμού, σε ένα οικονομικό πακέτο με χαμηλή μηνιαία συνδρομή.

To meet more advanced needs such as statistics, call history, supervisor facility, users’ login and logout etc. see the Call Center Facility.