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1 connection, 5 SIM cards
You can now use all your devices simultaneously with a single connection!

In addition to the SIM card that comes with your pay monthly plan, MultiSIM lets you obtain up to 4 more SIM cards.

  • Talk, text and surf on two devices at the same time
    You can call, text or go online with two mobile phones at the same time. All you need is a second SIM card which you will use in your second mobile phone.

    You will receive calls and text messages on only one of the two mobile phones which you can activate as follows:
    • Press *103# on the mobile phone on which you wish to receive calls and text messages
    • Press *104# on the mobile phone that you are already using, so as to activate the second one and deactivate the first.
    Each of your two SIM cards can have its own additional services, such as call barring/debarring, call forwarding, call waiting, missed call notification, welcome tones and ringtones.
  • Share your MB on all your devices
    You can go online and spread the volume of Mobile Internet (MB) included in your pay monthly plan among your Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop. All you have to do is obtain up to three more SIM cards, in addition to your second one, exclusively for Mobile Internet usage.

MultiSIM requires a connection with one of the following Cytamobile-Vodafone pay monthly plans:

  • RED or
  • Classic

It is important that you keep all your SIM cards in your possession, since they can be used simultaneously. You may need to restart the devices in which they have been placed.

How much does MultiSIM cost?
Second SIM card (for calls, text messages and Mobile Internet)
Mobile Internet SIM card (up to 3)

(The first SIM card comes with your initial connection with any
Cytamobile-Vodafone pay monthly plan: RED, Classic)

€3,50 for each SIM card
Monthly Subscription
Second SIM card (for calls, text messages and Mobile Internet) €3,50
Mobile Internet SIM card (up to 3) €3,50 for each SIM card
Switching between SIM cards Free
Replacement SIM card €3,50

The above prices include VAT.

More Information

  • Each SIM card has its own PIN, PUK and Serial Number, which are provided with the service.
  • The Telephone Directory and the SMS & MMS Inbox are separate for each SIM card.
  • GPRS and MMS settings must be entered separately for each SIM card and each device.
  • For security reasons, simultaneous Internet access on more than two devices is not possible when the customer is abroad. Furthermore, the simultaneous use of SIM cards for Mobile Internet on different networks is not allowed.