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Monthly Usage Limit

The Monthly Usage Limit service provides you with the ability to set a monthly limit of use for your mobile pay monthly plan so that you can have better control of your bill.

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Connection FeeFree of charge-
SubscriptionFree of charge-
Reconnection Fee€ 2,03Once Off
Note: Prices include VAT.
The first time you request the service you must visit one of our cytashop in person, since the signing of an application form is required.

The Monthly Usage Limit may be programmed in one of the following ways:
  • receive a warning SMS with the limit of your bill,
  • receive a warning SMS and once the limit of your bill is reached your pay monthly plan is temporarily disconnected (not valid for RED plan customers),
  • once the limit of your bill is reached your pay monthly plan is temporarily disconnected without any warning messages (not valid for RED plan customers).
To reconnect your pay monthly plan after a temporary disconnection, you will be charged with a reconnection fee.

Since the processing of call data for billing purposes is carried out periodically and not in real time, there is a possibility that the amount of your monthly bill may exceed the pre-set user limit. Expensive calls to premium numbers, sending/receiving of text messages to/from 4-digit numbers may put you over your limit and with this in mind we recommend that for additional protection you make use of the barring and coded barring services. Also, the Monthly User Limit does not usually include all charges incurred by the use of mobile phones when abroad, due to the delay by foreign networks in sending international roaming call information to Cyta for the relevant charges to be levied.