Solutions for the HoReCa Industry

Innovative solutions and integrated services

• Free installation on Cytavision Public & 30% Discount on the monthly subscription for 6 months
• Free installation on Internet with a 12-month commitment
• Special prices on the monthly subscription of Cytavision Hotel Pack
• 20% discount on the monthly subscription of a new FREEDOM plan for 24 months & Free Mobile Insurance for 1 year
• Smartwatch Offers & OneNumber Service with eSIM Free of charge for 1 year
• Business Start Scheme: Free Installation & Up to 25% Discount on Telephony and Internet monthly subscription for 12 months
• Free upgrade to Internet Business 2Gbps for 3 months to existing Internet Business 1Gbps customers & 25% Discount for the next 9 months
• Free monthly subscription for 3 months in any Powersoft365 service

Offers are valid until December 31, 2023.
Terms and conditions apply.

The HoReCa Industry is undoubtedly considered a major engine of growth for the Cyprus economy, and we are here with solutions specifically designed and tailor-made to the needs and requirements of restaurants, hotels, cafes and the hospitality sector in general.

We offer complete and reliable solutions through our electronic and ICT services that enhance businesses’ daily smooth and efficient operation, improving their guests experience and reducing costs at the same time.

Choose now the solutions that best suit you through the complete and integrated range of Fixed and Mobile Telephony, Internet, TV, Cloud, Networking and Hosting services at attractive prices:

Intracompany mobile calls packages and low-cost mobile devices.

Cytavision Hotel Pack for the most complete entertainment package with varied and quality tv content. It offers the possibility for simultaneous viewing of 25 or 8 channels in each room, choosing from 30+ TV channels for an upgraded viewing experience.

Cytavision Public Pack for the most comprehensive sports content with live broadcasts from around the world and an upgraded viewing experience.

Basic Managed WiFi to offer your customers a reliable WiFi network at extremely fast speeds without the initial cost of investing and in a cost-effective package.

Business Start with flexible and economical telecom solutions to start or grow your business.

Business Telephony & Business Telephony for PBX for affordable fixed telephony solutions.

International call packages for mobile telephony (ΕU 100/200) and International Business Zone for fixed telephony and be constantly contact with your customers and partners wherever they are in the world.

Cloud Services Cloud services to take control of your business, improve productivity and the way you store data, such as Powersoft365 and Cloud Servers.

Cutting-edge technologies that enhance business continuity and productivity

The new generation of networks, Fiber and 5G move businesses to the new digital era at the speed of light.

Upgrade your internet connection to reliable Gbps speeds to increase your business productivity and elevate your customers experience by enjoying extremely fast and reliable internet access! Everything they love is now done in real time. The simultaneous connection of many smart devices, the quality and the transfer of large volumes of data instantly and quickly make the experience of uploading images and holidays videos unique and unforgettable! At the same time, connect to the 5G network and enjoy, among the many benefits it can offer to businesses, real-time response, better resource management to improve the services and products provided, reduction of raw materials usage, improvement and increase productivity in all sectors.