Call Center facility


A call center tailored to your company’s needs...

If your company receives a lot of incoming calls, you can facilitate things for your reception and provide better service for the callers. Apply queues on your company’s incoming calls to avoid rejected calls.

Call Center facility provides:

Intelligent call routing to increase efficiency and avoid missed calls Incoming calls are classified based on time criteria and are forwarded internally to be served immediately when an agent is available. The on-hold callers are informed regularly about the estimated waiting time while they are listening to music or current offers.
Flexibility and Scalability Add or remove agents fast and easy with the click of a button according to demand. You can also route incoming calls from one point to another.
Empower your agents Enable agents to manage any situation quickly with peers and supervisors whenever they need support.
Teleworking and working on the move Support teleworking and agents on the move ensuring 24/7 support with a workforce that can login from anywhere.
Incoming calls history All incoming calls history is available.
Statistics for the incoming calls Data analytics available about the distribution of incoming calls (answered, not answered, to voicemail, rejected), the number of calls that each agent answered, the average time on hold, the average time for a caller to be served from the agent etc.
Use of multiple devices You can use any device you want fixed or mobile, to improve your company’s calling centre’s efficiency.

Take advantage of the Call Center facility with no upfront investment and a low monthly subscription fee.

For a simpler and more economical solution, see the Queuing Facility.