Telephony & Internet FAQs


What is SafeWeb?

SafeWeb provides Internet users with enhanced protection from online threats. It protects any device connected to the Internet through an Internet Home product by blocking the access to malicious websites that:

  • are designed to infect your devices with malware and viruses,
  • aim to steal personal information, financial data or passwords.
How can I get it?
SafeWeb is provided with Internet Home products.
How does it work?
SafeWeb checks whether a domain name that you wish to visit contains malicious content. In cases where a domain is identified as such, for your own protection, you will be transferred to a page informing you of this and, for security reasons, access to the website will not be permitted.
What are the main advantages of SafeWeb?

The main advantages are:

  • reduced risk of exposure to malicious software and viruses,
  • it does not affect the functionality of Internet Home or cause any delay as you browse the Internet,
  • respect for privacy,
  • compatible with other online security services,
  • no software installation required.
How does Safeweb differ from an antivirus solution?

Antivirus solutions are software programs that have to be installed on every computer/device. Antivirus protects devices from online viruses and those on external devices such as a USB, an external drive, etc.

SafeWeb offers protection to any device connected to the Internet. During any online communication, it protects devices not only from viruses but from websites that aim to steal personal information. For its correct operation, the Domain Name Service (DNS) must be received automatically by Cyta’s modem and not be altered by the user of the device.

If I have SafeWeb, do I also need antivirus?
That depends on the level of protection you want. For increased protection, it is best to have antivirus too.
What’s the difference between Safe Internet and SafeWeb?
Safe Internet is a parental control service that protects children from undesirable and harmful online content. This service lets you choose a profile that best suits your family’s needs, determine the permitted time for internet access for your family members, and set up black and white lists of URLs.
How do I deactivate SafeWeb?
You can deactivate it through My Cyta or by contacting the Cyta Call Centre on 132.