Telephony & Internet FAQs

Internet connection

Why doesn’t the modem website open?
There are antivirus programmes that prevent the specific page from opening. You can check that there are no set DNS or IPs on the computer card. You should certainly make sure that your computer is connected directly to the modem and not via a router.
How can I change the SSID name and the security key of my modem?
The name and security key of your modem Wi-Fi can be changed on the modem website. Enter the number in the address bar of your Internet Explorer browser, select wireless and then configure. Make the changes you wish and store them by clicking on apply.
How can I open the Ports on my modem?
You can contact the Cyta Call Centre on 132 and ask to receive the process by e-mail.
What should I do if the power LED on my modem is red or orange?
You can unplug the power cable for two minutes. When you reconnect it, the LED should be green. If this does not happen, you will need to change the modem.
Which DNS server should I use?

For Internet Home, DNS servers  are given automatically and there is no need for parameterization.

For Internet Βusiness, it is recommended to use the DNS servers with the following IP addresses:

Why add the new DSN Server with IP address

With the additional resolving DNS server, you are ensuring backup in your existing infrastructure.

Thus, it is recommended to configure your business network as soon as possible to include the new DNS server with IP address

What should I do when my modem won’t synchronize?
If the modem still does not synchronize, you should contact the Call Center at 132 or electronically via email, Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter for further checking.
Do I need a telephone line in order to have a broadband (DSL) Internet connection?
Provision of a DSL connection without telephone service is possible. For more information, visit the website
How can I check the speed of my service?
On the website select “Measure your speed” and then “Begin test”. For better results, the measurements should be taken with a cable.
Is my IP address always the same?
No, the IP address of your connection changes each time you restart your modem or if you lose your connection for any reason. If you wish to have the same IP address all the time, you need to ask for a static IP address:
Why do I need a filter on each device?
The filters can prevent the modem from desynchronizing and stop noise on the line. For this reason, wherever there is a telephone or a modem, a filter is essential.
Can I use my own modem?
Yes you can use your own modem, however you must set up the required settings.
Note: If you choose your own modem, there will be restrictions on the support that we can provide to you.
My Internet connection is affected each time I use the fixed line. Why is this?
The most likely reason is that there is a faulty filter on the telephone connection. Replace it with another that you can obtain from any Cytashop. For further checking, contact the Cyta Call Centre on 132 or 8000 8080.
Why is my Internet connection slow?
If there is no fault on your telephone line or with your modem, speed may be affected by the programme you are using to access the Internet, the antivirus programme you are using or even the large number of wired or wireless devices that you have connected.
What are the main causes for a modem to desynchronize?
The main causes of desynchronisation of the modem are a possible fault on your telephone line, your modem or your modem’s filter. The fault may even arise from a faulty DSL cable. If your modem desynchronises, call 132 or 8000 8080 free of charge.
What are the main causes for a connection being interrupted if the modem does not desynchronize?
Most times it is because the modem is plugged into a multi-plug adaptor and not directly to the wall jack. It is also affected to a considerable degree if the modem is located close to other electrical devices, set-top boxes, etc.
Does it cause any problems if I switch off the modem at night?
The modem is built to operate continuously without sustaining any damage. However, you can switch it off if you wish without causing any damage.
At what distance can I use the wireless modem without disconnection problems?
The more open a space is without obstacles, whether they be walls or wireless devices, the stronger signal reception will be. We recommend that if there are signal problems, you should change the wireless channel on the modem website for the best possible result.