Pricing of Vodafone live!

Whether you are a pay monthly or soeasy pay as you go customer, browsing through the different screens on Vodafone live! is free of charge except when you download content on your mobile or stream video and as long as you use the predefined Vodafone live! settings.

You can see what content and services are available by browsing through the different pages and you only pay when you choose to purchase downloads like games or ringtones and to subscribe to services such as daily, weekly or monthly access to other services. On Vodafone live! you will always be notified before incurring a charge for browsing content.

Cases where Vodafone live! browsing is charged
Mobile Internet charges apply when you visit a bookmark or enter an internet address outside the Vodafone live! site and when you download content on your mobile or stream video. When accessing Vodafone live! from abroad, International Roaming mobile internet rates apply above fixed charges for downloads or information.