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The offer is valid for the first 100 clients of the Vidatrack service.

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What is Vidatrack Service?

Vidatrack is a personal tracking service for emergency situations, which improves the quality of life of those belonging to sensitive and vulnerable social groups, helps them live and move around independently while, at the same time, reinforcing their sense of safety and security in their daily routine as well as reassuring their relatives and carers.

Who’s it for?

The service is aimed, to all those who want to enhance their sense of security, cannot have an independent and autonomous routine and wish to know they can get help whenever and wherever they need it, as well to their relatives or carers who want to locate them instantly and easily, in case of emergency.

The service has been specially designed to address the needs of sensitive and vulnerable social groups, the elderly, those with chronic ailments, special needs, impaired mobility, mental health problems, educed higher mental functions and also of their loved ones.


The service has been developed in partnership with the company Vidavo. For more click here.

Through the use of a handheld device that the user has permanently on him/her and of the Web application (, Vidatrack service enables:

Location tracking
Alert notifications via SMS
Outgoing calls to 3 pre-defined numbers
Receiving of incoming calls

Tracking Device (GPS)

The emergency signal and location detection hand held tracking device, with built in functions of a mobile phone and a GPS/GLONASS receiver, enables the user to:

  • Send an instant notification for help via SMS to his/her relative or carer, providing information about his/her last location, at the press of the “panic button”
  • Call three pre-defined telephone numbers at the press of a button
  • Receive incoming calls
  • Send battery level SMS notifications
Device Specifications:
  • Βuilt-in GPS/GLONASS and GSM connectivity
  • Internal memory 1Mb
  • Three LED indicators for device status indication
  • Five keys for a function execution
  • Dimensions 92x44x18
  • Battery 1050mAh (Li-ion)
  • Micro USB connector
  • Weight 80g
Accessory - Device Holder (optional):
Vidatrack Web Application

Through the Vidatrack web app, the data recipient (e.g. relative/carer) has access to information and functions such as:

  • Access to the user’s last location and to detailed reports on the user’s movements and actions during specific time periods.
  • Automatic updates via SMS if the user moves outside the pre-set safe areas (Geofence zones).
  • Receiving an SMS notification when the panic button is pressed by the user, with the automatic sending of an alarm signal with details of his/her location.
  • Receiving an SMS notification on the level of battery power of the tracking device.

Description Monthly Subscription (including VAT)
Tracking device €7,14
Access to Vidatrack service €5,95
Classic & Mobile Internet Based on Cyta pricelist


  • The device can be paid in 24 equal monthly instalments.
  • The above charges do not include the Classic Pay Monthly Plan connection fee of €20,69 (VAT included).
  • The subscription does not include charges for Talk Time, text messages SMS and Mobile Internet in excess of 30MB which are based on Cyta pricelist.
  • You may purchase the device in cash, at a cost of €137.09 (VAT included).

» Terms & Conditions

To order the service the Subscriber / User (or approved / appointed administrator) must visit any Cytashop and sign the relevant service Agreement and the necessary consent form.

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We aim to provide you with a fast and efficient support!

For more information about Vidatrack, visit or call Cyta Call Center on 80002030.

Technical support for Vidatrack is only available from the following Cytashop:

  • Nicosia - Strovolos and Latsia
  • Limassol - Athens St.
  • Larnaca - Main Cytashop
  • Paphos - Main Cytashop
  • Ammochostos - Main Cytashop