Vidatrack Service - FAQ

Description of the service

What is Vidatrack?

Vidatrack is a personal tracking service for emergency situations.

The use of the special hand held tracking device and the Vidatrack web application (, it enables the detection of the user’s location, alarm signal transmission, and communication with pre-defined telephone numbers.

Who is it for?

The service is aimed, to all those who want to enhance their sense of security, cannot have an independent and autonomous routine and wish to know they can get help whenever and wherever they need it, as well to their relatives or carers who want to locate them instantly and easily, in case of emergency.

The service has been specially designed to address the needs of sensitive and vulnerable social groups, the elderly, those with chronic ailments, special needs, impaired mobility, mental health problems, educed higher mental functions and also of their loved ones.

What are its main functions?

Vidatrack is a technologically advanced service with multiple functions and capabilities, such as:

  • A “panic button” with which the user can easily send an alarm signal showing his/her location
  • Fast calling to three pre-defined telephone numbers by pressing the corresponding button
  • Two-way communication – incoming calls from relatives/carers at any time
  • Automatic updates about the user’s location via text message
  • Real time location detection via GPS (mainly outdoors)
  • Geo-fencing (area entry-exit)
  • Automatic updates via text message if the user moves outside pre-set geographical boundaries and
  • Detailed reports on the user’s movements and actions.
What do I need to operate the service?

To operate the service, you need:

  • The tracking device.
  • A Vidatrack subscription (it includes a Mobile Telephony/Mobile Internet subscription).
  • Access for the data recipient to Vidatrack service, via the web application, where information is available relating to the user’s location, etc.
What are the main functions of the tracking device?

The hand held tracking device, with built in functions of a mobile phone and a GPS/GLONASS receiver, enables the user to:

  • Send a call for help to the data recipient via text message, which includes the user’s location, at the press of the “panic button”
  • Call three pre-defined telephone numbers
  • Receive incoming calls
  • Battery level SMS notifications
What does the Vidatrack app on the website do?

The Vidatrack app enables the user’s carer to see the user’s current location and his/her movements history.

Information available to the carer concerns:

  • Location detection, showing the user’s last location and the routes taken
  • Setting/changing movement in safe areas (geofencing)
  • Warning of “Panic Button” use
  • Reports and statistics relating to the user’s movements and actions during specific time periods.

For more information, click here.

What are the main benefits of Vidatrack?

The service offers many benefits to the user and his/her family/carers:

  • An improved and better quality of life
  • A greater sense of safety and security in the daily life of the user and his/her carers
  • Fast telephone communication if a sudden health problem should arise
  • Reduced stress
  • Independence and movement for vulnerable individuals/patients.
Where can I get Vidatrack from?

To order the service, the the Subscriber / User (or approved / appointed administrator) must visit any Cytashop and sign the relevant service Application and the necessary consent form.

How do I terminate my Vidatrack subscription?

To terminate your Vidatrack subscription at any time, just visit any Cytashop.

To proceed with the termination of the service, you will first have to settle any outstanding instalments for your device.

Operation of the tracking device

How do I adjust the settings on the device?

All our products come with technical support and are delivered to customers fully programmed and set.

Programming of the equipment and the required training by a specialist Cyta team is simple and includes:

  • Allocation of telephone numbers to the corresponding keys selected by the user
  • Explanation of the capabilities and functions of the service
  • Training of the user on how to use the device
  • Additional training of his/her relatives on the use of the Vidatrack app, via which all the capabilities of the service may be access. To use the app, a unique username and password will be given to relatives/carers.

Note. The main installation of the system, as described above, is carried out by appointment following confirmation of the order and takes approximately 20 minutes.

Where is the tracking device placed?

The device is easy to use and carry. Specifically, it can be:

  • Worned around the user’s neck
  • Carried in a pocket or handbag
  • Attached to a belt

It is best to keep it permanently in the same place, so as not to leave it somewhere.

How long does the battery of the device lasts?

The rechargeable battery inside the tracking device lasts for 24-28 hours depending on use.

When the battery power falls to around 30% of capacity, a text message is sent to the telephone number that is pre-set to receive warnings. A message is also sent when the battery is fully charged.

a. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery when the device is switched off. If it is on and sending data, charging may take up to 9 hours.
b. When used for the first time, the device must be fully charged from a mains power source (not through a USB connected to a computer, for example).
c. We recommend that the device be fully charged every day.

For the service to work, does it require a Cyta SIM card?

Yes. To function, a Cyta SIM card is required.

Vidatrack Application

Which Internet browsers is the Vidatrack app on the website compatible with?

The Internet browsers that support the Vidatrack web application are the following:

  • Internet Explorer 12 or later
  • Google Chrome 38 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 38.5 or later

We recommend that you use the latest version of the above browsers, with their security system fully updated.

How do I connect to the Vidatrack app so that it detects the location of my tracking device?

Open your browser, type and then enter your username and password.

How do I set the user’s permitted area of movement (geofencing)?

Via the Vidatrack web app at (, you can set the safe area for the protected individual. For instructions, click here.

How do I locate a user with Vidatrack service?

The Vidatrack web application lets users take advantage of all the latest GPS and location technologies, including the sending of a text message when a user wanders outside the pre-set area. By going to the online application, you will see the last location from which the tracking device sent the user’s coordinates.

Information about the last location of the user can also be obtained from the call centre.

At the same time, you are able to find out the user’s location by sending a text message to the user’s device. Simply text Fix? to the user’s telephone number and within a few minutes the device will respond by giving you the coordinates of the user’s location. You can then enter the coordinates into a programme such as Google Maps on your mobile phone or computer to see the user’s precise location.

Warning! The specific facility operates with the use of GPS satellites. When the user is indoors, away from doors or windows or in a basement area, the tracking device may be unable to detect its location and transmit it to the relative or carer.

How long is data stored in the Vidatrack online application?

Your data is stored for 12 months and then deleted.


My tracking device isn’t working. What should I do?

In case of a fault with the device, it should be taken to one of the following Cytashops for repair:

  • Nicosia – Strovolos and Latsia
  • Limassol – Athenon St.
  • Larnaca – Main Cytashop
  • Paphos – Main Cytashop
  • Ammochostos – Main Cytashop

The service comes with a two-year guarantee, for problems shown to be due to a manufacturing fault. The guarantee does not cover the destruction of the product if it is due to improper use.
You have the opportunity to purchase a new device through the service (in cash or by instalments).

My tracking device can’t receive a satellite signal. What can I do?

The device needs to be in an open space or near a door or window in order to receive a GPS signal.

Since GPS communicate with satellites, they cannot operate in closed spaces or in outdoor areas with natural obstacles such as densely-packed buildings and tall constructions.

The tracking device has stopped sending coordinates. What can I do?

To check that your device is on and the battery is charged or if it is receiving a GPS fix, you should take following steps:

  • Remove and then put back the battery and the SIM card into the device.
  • Reactivate the device and check if it has a GPS fix.
  • Check if the corresponding LED indicators have stopped blinking.

Alternatively, contact Cyta Call Centre on 80002030.

None of my tracking device LED indicators are on. What can I do?

You can check the following:

  • If it is charging
  • If it has a SIM card
  • If it can make a phone call

Alternatively, contact Cyta Call Centre on 80002030.

I am not receiving text messages on my mobile phone.

Check if the user’s device has a GPRS signal and if the GPS has locked.

Alternatively, contact Cyta Call Centre on 80002030.

I have forgotten my username and password for What should I do?

Contact Cyta Call Centre on 80002030 to obtain a new username and password.

The Vidatrack web application at isn’t working. What should I do?

Contact Cyta Call Centre on 80002030.

I want to change one of the pre-set telephone numbers. What should I do?

You should visit one of the following Cytashops:

  • Nicosia – Strovolos and Latsia
  • Limassol – Athenon St.
  • Larnaca – Main Cytashop
  • Paphos – Main Cytashop
  • Ammochostos - Main Cytashop

Applications are accepted from the Customer.

How can I change the number to which a text message is sent if the “Panic Button” is pressed?

You should visit one of the following Cytashops:

  • Nicosia – Strovolos and Latsia
  • Limassol – Athenon St.
  • Larnaca – Main Cytashop
  • Paphos – Main Cytashop
  • Ammochostos - Main Cytashop

Applications are accepted from the Customer or the End User.


How much does Vidatrack service cost?
Description Monthly Subscription (including VAT)
Tracking device €7,14
Access to Vidatrack service €5,95
Classic & Mobile Internet Based on Cyta pricelist


  1. The device can be paid in 24 equal monthly instalments.
  2. The above charges do not include the Classic Pay Monthly Plan connection fee of €20,69 (VAT included).
  3. The subscription does not include charges for Talk Time, text messages SMS and Mobile Internet in excess of 30MB which are based on Cyta pricelist.
  4. You may purchase the device in cash, at a cost of €137.09 (VAT included).
What do the above Vidatrack service subscriptions include?

Your subscription to Vidatrack includes the provision of the following:

  • A tracking device and accessories (rechargeable battery, neck-strap, charger, USB cable),
  • Classic Pay Monthly Plan and Mobile Internet 30MB.
  • Access to the Vidatrack web application on the website.
I want to terminate my subscription. What should I do?

To terminate your subscription you must visit a Cytashop. To be able to terminate you first need to have paid the full cost of your device, either in cash or by credit card.

How can I pay my monthly bill?

Your subscription requires that you settle your monthly bill by direct debit.

Help & Support

I need help on my Vidatrack service.

To get answers, help, advice, support and information on Vidatrack service you may:

  • Contact Cyta Call Center on 80002030 (free of charge).
    (Cyta Call Centre is available Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 24:00 and at weekends from 10:00 to 24:00).
  • Visit any Cytashop.

Technical support for Vidatrack service is only available from the following Cytashops:

  • Nicosia – Strovolos and Latsia
  • Limassol – Athenon St.
  • Larnaca – Main Cytashop
  • Paphos – Main Cytashop
  • Ammochostos – Main Cytashop