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Soundtech Security Systems

For peace of mind ... day and night

Soundtech Security Systems by Cyta, using Visonic late technology (part of Tyco Security Products) gives you the possibility to protect your house, office or business with an advanced wireless security and surveillance system, which can be monitored and managed via mobile or fixed network.

With Soundtech Security Systems by Cyta, you can:

  • Have a wireless efficient security and surveillance system at your house or business without cable installation
  • Receive directly to your computer or mobile (email, sms or/and mms with voice) information for each alarm that is recorded in the system while it occurs
  • Verify the alarms directly by taking recorded events or/and photos of the incident so you can save unnecessary cost of police respond or central monitoring station
  • Manage your security system at any time remotely from your mobile or fixed telephone
  • Pay off the equipment cost and installation lump sum or with monthly payments

Benefit from the capabilities of Soundtech Security Systems by Cyta, without cabling, by paying a low monthly subscription and payoff the cost of installation and equipment in 24 equal monthly subscriptions and enjoy a five (5) year warranty.


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Warranty for 5 years!

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  • World best alarm Award 2012 (IFSEC International Security Industry Awards 2012 Winner) with the signature of the international and established security company: Visonic (From Tyco Security Products).
  • A “wireless alarm and security system" at an affordable price and repayment in 24 equal monthly subscription of € 35 (Banking via direct debit).
  • Free installation and maintenance of equipment for 24 months.
  • Reliability and efficiency.
  • No cables, with quick and easy installation.
  • English onscreen instructions menu and easy handling with future ability to change in another language (eg Greek).
  • Data transfer is possible both via mobile (GPRS) by adding a SIM card (not included in the package).
  • Switching on and off remotely via SMS from your mobile.
  • Downloading video clip with sound events on mobile or on the computer, to avoid unnecessary calls and cost to the police or/and central control stations.
  • Partial arming for feel safe and relax in the house.
  • Ability to add additional cameras, motion sensors and smoke detectors.
  • Extended Warranty for 5 years for the equipment and technical support (after the first 24 months) with a low monthly fee.

Prerequisites a fixed telephone line or a mobile connection!

The solution includes the following equipment:

  • Control panel Visonic PowerMaster-10 with integrated siren, keypad and auto dialer
  • Module Visonic GSM350/4 for communication with the mobile network and GPRS ability
  • Two detectors/motion sensors Visonic Next PG2 2-way, option for pets
  • Detector/motion sensor with integrated colour camera and MIC Visonic Next CAM PG2 2-way, option for pets
  • Smoke detector, Visonic SMD-426 PG2 2-way
  • External siren Visonic SR-730 PG2 2-way
  • Two remote controls Visonic KF-234 PG2 2-way
  • Vanishing magnetic contact MC-302V PG2 2-way

Notes: Besides the above equipment which is included in the monthly rent of the solution, customers may wish to purchase additional equipment (see pricing).

Technical features that release your hands!

Technical Features of PowerMaster-10:

  • 30 protected areas, each one identified by number and name.
  • 3 optional modules that can behave as autonomous safety systems, which are armed and disarmed independently from each other or together with one of your command.
  • Multiple arming methods: general, partial, general direct, immediate partial, notification and exception.
  • LCD display that shows information and instructions in plain language.
  • Clock with the present time on the display. This feature is also used for the event file by providing the date and time to each registered event. Also used by the functions programmer for turning on/off electronic devices at preprogrammed time and date.
  • Several recipients of the reports of the various events listed automatically in the management system, which can be either accessed through the Internet (on PC or Smart Phones – Visonic2Go Mobile Application), on phone numbers of your choice (PSTN call or SMS) or Email addresses (Emails).
  • Selective reporting which can determine the type of incidents reported in every recipient.
  • Feature "Latchkey" that is automatically inform the selected phones when the system is disarmed by a user (for example a young family member).
  • Access from a remote telephone to arm disarm the system.

Note: The above are not the only but the main features of the system.

Contact telephone: 22451500 Lefkios Diakos

Email address:

The solution includes the equipment listed in the Features, the initial installation in the premises of the customer, warranty of five (5) * years for equipment and maintenance of equipment including the visit and the cost to replace the batteries (as long as the customer remains active).

The solution has the following fees:

Monthly Subscription including VAT
1st – 24th month*
(including payments for equipment and monthly subscription)
25th month - after** €10,00

* The service is offered with a minimum time commitment of 24 months.
** In case a customer terminates the service in less than 24 months from the start date, than the warrantee offered will be 24 months as provided by law.

The customer is able to buy directly from Soundtech Securities additional equipment to the one included in the service base on the pricelist.

Visits at the customers area, at his responsibility, will be charged directly from the collaborator at €35,00 VAT included, for each visit.

Above rates apply from 01/07/2015.


For more information you can contact your Business Consultant or call the Business Customer Service at 150.