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Server Hosting

Host your company’s servers at Cyta's Data Centers in Nicosia (Aglandjia) and Limassol (Amathus), and make the most of the advantages of their modern infrastructures, which are:

Cost Effective. You don’t need to have specially designed areas on your premises for housing your servers.

Flexible. You have five options at your disposal and you can choose the product that best suits the present needs of your business, while being free to change it in order to meet future needs.

Reliable. You secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business data and information security policy of your business.

Cyta’s Data Centers have been built to the highest specifications based on TIER IIIΤΙΕR III is an international standard which ensures high levels of availability. Each Data Center has two independent power distribution baths and fully redundant UPS systems, power generators and climate control systems. The equipment is dual powered and there is uninterrupted power supply even in maintenance periods. standard and ISO 27001ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard that sets out the requirements that an Organisation should fulfil in order to manage its information security comprehensively and effectively. It deals with an Organisation’s people, processes and technology as one, through an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The design, implementation, monitoring, control and constant upgrading of an ISMS, based on the guidelines and requirements of the standard, help the Organisation protect its data as regards its confidentiality, integrity and availability. certification and they provide ideal conditions for the totally reliable hosting of equipment and systems.

Features Benefits
Two centres 56km apart Provide solutions for continuity of business operations, against the possibility of natural disaster
High quality and high bandwidth links Cover the needs of any business
Two independent power distribution paths and fully redundant UPS systems, power generators and climate control systems Uninterrupted power supply
Temperature & humidity control Ideal hosting conditions
Fire detection and firefighting systems Maximum protection against fire
Physical security measures via CCTV Surveillance System, Access Control, Intrusion Detection System and 24/7 private static/patrolling guarding of buildings and installations Strict security measures
24/7 Technical Support Continuous support
24/7 Data Center Access Data Centre Access when needed
Network stability monitoring Always On service 99.9%
  1. The server must be rack mounted and compatible with a 19-inch standard rack.
  2. The server must come with a mounting kit and with front-to-back air flow.
  3. The power supply to the racks is AC from two different PDUs:
    a) Whole rack: The PDUs (provided by Cyta) are 32A (redundant) with C13 sockets. The customer provides the power cables connecting the C13 sockets to the server. The maximum electric power availability in each rack is 4kVA.
    b) Shared racks: The PDUs will be provided by the customer and must be connected to 16A industrial type sockets. The sockets are inside the compartment and the connection of the PDUs to the industrial sockets is customer’s responsibility.
    It is recommended that the equipment has two power supplies. However is possible to implement solutions other than the one provided (PDUs) if they are feasible (e.g. ATS PDUs). The extra equipment is provided and installed by the customer in communication with the technical support team.


For more information, please contact your Business Consultant or call Cyta’s Business Call Center, at 150.

Technical Support
Cyta’s specialist technical support team is available to your business on a 24/7 basis. Call 80004000 in case of faults due to the Cyta network. In other instances, arrange to visit the Data Centre, following the relevant procedure. 

You may choose one of five server hosting options, depending on your business needs:

Main Products Installation Monthly Subscription
1 Server hosting in ¼ of a rack, up to 400W €238,00 €178,50
2 Server hosting in ¼ of a rack, up to 800W €238,00 €261,80
3 Server hosting in ¼ of a rack, up to 1500W €238,00 €416,50
4 Server hosting in a whole rack €476,00 €154,70
5 Server hosting in a separate space (suite) Depending on requirements

Your server(s) are linked to Cytanet’s backbone IP network.
The internet connection is offered with the options bellow:

Additional Products Installation Monthly Subscription
5Mbps shared internet €59,50 €59,50
10Mbps shared internet €59,50 €107,10
15Mbps shared internet €59,50 €148,75
20Mbps shared internet €59,50 €178,50
50Mbps shared internet €59,50 €357,00
100Mbps shared internet €59,50 €702,10
200Mbps shared internet €59,50 €1071,00


  1. The above prices include VAT.
  2. For server hosting in a whole rack the electric power consumption is NOT included in the monthly subscription: Monthly Electric Power charges are based on the current prices offered by EAC (Electric Authority of Cyprus). Electricity consumption charge is estimated by the formula “(Current charge/kVAh)*(Meter Current value in KVAh)*(1,8)” and includes the consumption of the air conditioning. In addition to the server hosting installation charge, an installation consumption meter charge is applied. Single phase meter charge is €595 and three phase meter charge is €892,50. In case of multiple racks 1 consumption meter is charged for every 3 racks.
  3. Additional IP addresses are available, charged in accordance with Cytanet’s pricelist.
  4. For server hosting in ¼ of a rack, the monthly subscription includes the cost of electricity consumption (including airconditioning).
  5. For visits to the Data Centres outside normal hours, there is a charge of €59,50/hour. The Centres’ normal hours are 8:00-17:00 Monday-Friday and 8:00-13:00 Saturday.