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Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

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The benefits of the MyGroups reward scheme will be valid until the end of December 2018. The scheme will cease to apply from 1/1/2019.

1. First of all register

In order to create and manage MyGroups from the Cytamobile-Vodafone website you need to register on our website.

Registration only needs to be done once. If you have already registered in the past, all you have to do is login.

2. Create a MyGroup

Once you’ve logged in the ‘My Account’ category, choose «MyGroup» and then «My Group» and «Create Group».

In the field that appears, write the name of the group you wish to create, for example Friends50.
The name of the group should include at least one number, and has to have a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 15 characters, with english characters.

Now your group has been created and you are the group leader!
Try to invite as many members as you can in your MyGroup, so that you all enjoy greater benefits.

3. Adding more members

You can invite new member to a MyGroup by selecting "My Group", «INVITE» and then by typing the mobile phone number(s) of the person(s) you wish to invite to the group.

The person you have invited will receive the following message on his/her mobile phone:
MyGroup = You have been invited to the group Friends50. Send ACCEPT Friends50 to 8000 and become a member.

Once the new person accepts the invitation, s/he will receive the following message:
MyGroup = The registration in the Friends50 group was successful. From the beginning of the next month you will enjoy the group benefits.

After that, the new member will receive the message:
MyGroup = The Friends50 group has a 12% discount.

Every time a member enters or leaves the group, all members are automatically informed via SMS message with the mobile number that came or left the group, the updated number of the team members and the respective discount percentage.

New members can join the ‘MyGroup’ either after an invitation by any member or after their own request and approval by the MyGroup leader.

4. How to become a member in another team

In the category "All Groups", you can find all the groups participating in the MyGroup Rewards plan.

Choose the MyGroup you wish to join by selecting the «JOIN REQUEST». The MyGroup leader will receive your application and will approve or reject it accordingly. You will be informed accordingly via an SMS message.

5. Leaving the Group

To leave a group, Choose «QUIT».

If you are the group leader you must first appoint a new leader by entering in the field that appears, the mobile number of the selected leader, otherwise the member who joined the group first will become the leader.

6. Deleting the Group

The deletion of the group can only be done by the group leader. In case you wish to delete the group, you must first kick out of the team all the group members, and then click the «DELETE» button.

7. Selection of Personal Benefit

In the MyGroup category, choose the benefit you prefer:

  • International Calls: Up to 37.5% discount (every 5 minutes, the next 3 minutes on the same call, free).
  • Roaming: 10% discount.