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Telephony FAQs

Broadband Telephony

What is the Broadband Telephony Service?

Broadband Telephony expands your telephony experience offering you flexibility and exclusive benefits in a single package including:

  • The option to install up to four separate telephone numbers.
  • Free supplementary telephony services such as call forwarding, call hold, etc.
  • The ability to make video and voice calls via your computer using the Tel OntheGo software.
  • The option to manage and configure online the service through My Cyta.
Self - installations instructions for the DSL Access and Broadband Telephony services
The Self Installation guide describes in detail the installation instructions for the DSL Access and Broadband Telephony services. The guide is available at
How can I manage my Broadband Telephony service via the web?
To manage your service via the web subscribe to My Cyta portal, hence add Fixed Telephony Services and follow the provided instructions.
How can I manage the Supplementary Services of my number?
You can manage the supplementary services of your Broadband Telephony numbers via My Cyta portal. Login to My Cyta, add Fixed Telephony Services hence click on “More”. On the next screen click on the “Manage Number” link of the telephone number you wish to manage.
What are the main supplementary services?

The supplementary services are grouped into the telephony functions they offer. The groups are incoming calls, outgoing calls, call control, calling plans and feature access codes. A short description of the services is listed below.

Time Conditions
Time Conditions Allows you to create your time conditions and define the days and the time you wish to use your supplementary services e.g. call forward, call rejection etc.
Incoming Calls
Anonymous Call Rejection Allows you to reject calls from people that have intentionally hidden their identity.
Call Forwarding Always/on Busy and no Answer Call Forwarding Always allows you to forward your incoming calls always, when busy or when there is no answer to a different phone number, such as your home, your office, your mobile phone or your voicemail. This service is offered free of charge.
Call Forwarding on Not Reachable When the phone is out of operation, your calls are forwarded automatically to another telephone number (fixed or mobile). When the number is in order again the calls are routed back to your broadband telephone automatically. To activate the service enter *94, followed by the number (fixed or mobile) to which you wish to forward the calls and then #. To deactivate: *95#
Call Forwarding Selective/Rejection Allows you to forward or reject calls when predefined criteria like telephone number, hour of day or day of the week are met. Call 132 to activate the service.
Distinctive Ringing Tone Allows you to set your telephone to ring with a distinctive ringing tone when the predefined criteria that you have set are met i.e. when your best friend calls. The service is provided free of charge. Call 132 to activate the service.
Ougoing Calls
Call Return Allows you to return a call to the last person that called you. This service is offered free of charge.
Last Number Redial Allows you to redial the last number you called. This service is offered free of charge.
Speed Dial 8 Allows you to associate one digit numbers (speed dial codes) to telephone numbers that you call frequently but are hard to remember and dial then by just pressing a number. This service is offered free of charge.
Caller ID (CLIP) Allows you to see who is calling you.
Call Control
Call Waiting Allows you to interrupt a call in order to answer to another call. This service is offered free of charge.
Call Hold Allows you to hold a call. This service is offered free of charge.
Three-Way-Call Allows you to have a call with three telephone numbers simultaneously. This service is offered free of charge.
How can I make and receive voice and video calls from my home using my personal computer as a fixed telephone?
Visit Cyta’s webpage. Login to your My Cyta account (click on “Login to MyCyta” link) and under Fixed Telephony Services click on “More”. On the next screen, under “Useful Links”, click on the “Tel OntheGo” link.

On the next screen you can read the installation guide and the instruction manual and download Tel OntheGo software. To find the username and password to login to Tel OntheGo select the number you wish to use via Tel OntheGo, and under that number click on Device Credentials.
How can I make and receive voice and video calls out of my home using my personal computer as a fixed telephone?
With Telephony OnTheGo facility and Tel OntheGo installed on your computer you can make and receive voice and video calls anywhere you travel in Cyprus or abroad. The only requirement is a Windows computer (Vista, XP or newer versions) and a connection to the Internet. For further information visit
What does the service cost?
For details about Broadband Telephony service pricing please visit the service website at and check the prices under “Cost and call rates” column.