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Cloud Servers

High-performance cloud servers with financial benefit!

The Cloud Servers Service offers you the opportunity to utilize Cyta's Tier III level and ISO 27001 certified Data  Centres, in order to create and manage computing infrastructure tailored to the real needs of your business.

Cloud Servers Service covers the needs of businesses of any size, offering servers with different specifications.

Avoid the initial cost of purchasing equipment and computer systems simply and economically, and gain flexibility in the IT resources you choose, which can change according on your needs.

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The 1st month is free of charge!


Features Description Benefit
Latest technology - Blade servers, enclosures, storage & routers, switches by top international manufacturers High-end, upgraded digital IT Infrastructure
Infrastructure and network availability - Multiple systems and independent internet access connections
- Disaster recovery planning
- Multiple power supply through alternative sources and UPS
High availability 99.9%
Reliable Storage - Central storage SAN system
- RAID5 or RAID6  parameterization 
- Fibre Channel
Fast data transfer,  scalability 
Data Protection - data backup and automatic transfer to a remote site
- control procedures and security controlled policies
Fast recovery in case of disaster (48 hours)
Data Security - controlled physical access
- dedicated operation (DMZ) and protection zones for each customer using  vlans/subnets
- Infrastructure Penetration testing
Confidentiality, control and safety
Disaster recovery - backup and transfer of data  using the latest technology Business continuity
Resilient internet Connectivity - Unrestricted movement of data via internet
- Private and Public IPs
- Authorized access via business grade firewalls and systems
- Secured transmission and data encryption
- private exclusive connection capability via IP/MPLS network
Fast response and information sharing
Management tools - Web portal management
- Notifications and updates
Control, authorized usage, protection
Operating system - Linux and Windows option Compatible options for corporate applications
Pay-per-use - No time commitment
- No minimum quantities
Flexibility and savings

Set Up Instructions

Call Cyta’s technical team on 80004000 or send message to

Cloud Servers Windows Software Linux Software
Monthly subscription €45,00 €30,00
CPU Core 1 1
GB Guaranteed RAM 1 1
GB Effective Storage 75 75
Operating System2 Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Enterprise3 6/7,
CentOS 6/7
Service features
Free first month
Dynamic self-management via control panel
Dedicated IP Address
Security and Protection
Virtual Tunnel
Data Backup
Τechnical Support
Telephone and online support 24X7 
Add-ons Monthly Subscription Monthly Subscription
Storage per GB €0,03 €0,03
CPU per Core €10,00 €10,00
RAM per GB €10,00 €10,00

1. Prices include VAT.
2. Different versions are available to choose from.
3. Subscription not included.

Discounts on monthly subscription according to commitment period
12 months commitment 10% 10%
24 months commitment 15% 15%