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Number of malicious sites blocked

From 3.3.2020




SafeWeb is provided with Internet Home products for enhanced security as you browse the Internet. This new, reinforced protection safeguards your entire Internet connection at home and any device used on it, by blocking the access to malicious websites that:

  • are designed to infect devices with malicious software and viruses
  • aim to steal personal information, financial data or passwords.
How it works

SafeWeb checks whether a domain name that you wish to visit contains malicious content. In cases where a domain is identified as such, you will be transferred to a page informing you of this and, for security reasons, access to the domain will not be permitted.

SafeWeb can be deactivate through My Cyta or by contacting the Cyta Call Centre on 132.

Important information

Like every security solution, SafeWeb cannot guarantee 100% coverage against malicious websites and viruses. However, with the technology it uses, SafeWeb significantly reduces the degree to which users are exposed to such online threats. For it the correct operation, the Domain Name Service (DNS) must be received automatically by Cyta’s modem and not be altered by the user of the device.

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