Telephony OntheGo


Use the Telephony OntheGo facility and take your fixed telephone number anywhere!!!!

With Telephony OntheGo you can use your fixed telephone number anywhere, in Cyprus or abroad and enjoy local call charges. To activate the facility, you need to order the facility, download an application that supports calls using a fixed telephony number via a mobile phone or a computer.

The application you will choose, must be compatible with the smartphone, tablet (Android or iOS) operating system or the computer (Windows or Mac) you are using.

Example of such application is BRIA.

Are you a student studying abroad; Take your fixed telephone number with you, to talk free of charge with your home with voice & vision and with the rest of Cyprus (fixed & mobile) with Cyprus local call charges.

Description Charges Charging Period  
Connection Fee €5,95 Once Off Order
Subscription €2,00 Monthly

Note: Prices include VAT.

To use the Telephony OntheGo facility you will need:

  • A fixed telephone number from one of the following services: Business Telephony, Telephony Small Business and Telephony Plus.
  • To order the Telephony OntheGo facility
  • To download an application that supports calls using a fixed telephony number via a mobile phone or a computer. For example, you can use the BRIA application (there is an additional charge applied by the provider of the application).
  • An Internet connection.

For families with a student studying abroad you will need:

  • Telephony Plus service with two numbers. The first will be used at home and the second one by the student studying abroad.

If you wish to use Bria application.

Bria Mobile: VoIP Softphone

To use the facility from a PC you can download the application using the following link:

For additional instructions, choose the installation guide below:

Telephony OntheGo Installation Guide on BRIA for smartphones, tablets or PCs.

  • Free calls with Telephony OntheGo between all your Cyta broadband telephony numbers (Business Telephony, Telephony Small Business & Telephony Plus) from Cyprus and abroad.
  • Cyprus local charges for calls to fixed and mobile numbers in Cyprus when you call from abroad.
  • Cyprus local charges for the calls you receive from Cyprus when you are abroad.
  • High quality service.
  • Technical support from Cyta.
  • Telephony OntheGo complies with Cyta’s safety and reliability criteria.

For more information visit any cytashop, or contact the Cyta Call Center at 132.