Video Recording

Record a TV programme that you don’t want to miss and watch it later on any device. You can programme the recording from your set top box or from any device with the Cytavision Go app or online at

There are two video recording packages, for either 5 or 10 hours of storage, at an additional monthly charge. If you use up all the time available with the 5-hour package, you can upgrade to the 10-hour one.

Recorded content can be viewed up to 45 days after it was recorded. Recording must be programmed before the start of the programme. Recorded content is accessible from all devices and all the profiles linked to your account (your family members) can access it.

Description Recording Time Charges  
Video Recording 5 hours €2 /month order
Video Recording 10 hours €4 /month order

Notes: Prices are inclusive of VAT.