Transfer from Analogue to Broadband Telephony

Upgraded experience through Broadband Telephony

n the context of the continuous improvement and renewal of its technological infrastructure, Cyta is replacing its analogue fixed telephony network with a new, modern broadband network. This development will enable us to offer you new, personalized communications options and innovative services tailored to your particular needs.

Work on the required technical changes began earlier this year and our goal is for all customers to have a free connection by mid-2020.

For more information, see below or call 132.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does the term “All IP” mean?
Internet Protocol (IP) technology is the most successful data transfer method in the world. Additionally, IP technology is used for image, video, music and voice transfer. The Internet and Cyta’s television service are already provided via IP technology.

Cyta is upgrading its Fixed Telephony customers and transferring them from the Analogue Network to a new Fixed Telephony Broadband Network, which uses IP technology. Thousands of customers have already been transferred and our goal is to transfer all our customers by mid-2020.
Why should I switch to Broadband Telephony?
Telecommunications globally are going through a period of technological change and many traditional technologies have reached the end of their life cycle. Cyta’s first priority is the quality of its services and the reliability of its network, which is why we are adopting IP technology, which will simplify everything. Only when all devices – telephones, televisions, CD players, etc. – “speak the same language” will new horizons open up in the world of communication.
How secure is communication that uses Cyta’s new IP Network?
Cyta’s primary concern is to protect its customers and their telephone conversations, irrespective of the service and the technology being used. Cyta uses a different channel for the routing of voice and data traffic to ensure the highest degree of communication security.

Telephone calls are routed via Cyta’s own voice network – thereby ensuring call quality excellence and secure conversations – and not via the Internet (www).
Which customers will be affected by the switch to the new Network?
All customers with an analogue or ISDN connection.
How will customers know about the transfer process?
New Broadband Telephony products and packages have already been prepared. Cyta will gradually inform every affected customer. This will be followed by telephone contact to arrange an appointment for when a crew will visit them to complete the transfer process.
What changes will customers notice?

Customers will have access to upgraded telephone facilities.

In brief, Cyta’s Broadband Telephony service offers:

  1. The possibility of adding up to four additional numbers at a reduced price (for a 2nd telephone number there is an additional charge of €4,30/month, while for a 3rd and 4th telephone number, the additional charge is €3,57/month per number).

    For customers with an analogue PBX who do not wish to invest in cabling and new terminal equipment, Telephony Plus offers up to 2 numbers through the ATA 2 Port adaptor. For the ATA 2 Port adaptor, there is a connection charge of €17,85 and a monthly subscription of €5,59. In case of 3-4 numbers, Telephony Plus offers up to 4 numbers through the ATA 4 Port adaptor. For the ATA 4 Port adaptor, there is a connection charge of €23,80 and a monthly subscription of €9,52.
  2. Free telephone facilities such as Call Forwarding, Call Hold, Call Waiting, Conference Call and more.
  3. Voice and Video calls via computer.
  4. Telephony OntheGo, which enables you to use your fixed number, wherever you are in Cyprus or abroad and benefit from local call charges (for an additional payment).
  5. The ability to manage and programme the service through My Cyta.
  6. Immediate 24/7 assistance upon provision of the service.
  7. Telephone facilities for customers’ security, such as caller ID, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Barring/Debarring and more.
  8. Discount Schemes and Economy Plans such as a package of international calls to all fixed and mobile phones in the other 27 EU member states, Economy Plans with pre-set talk time in Cyprus and abroad and more.
I have analogue telephony. Do I need new equipment in order to switch to Broadband Telephony?
Customers with a single analogue fixed line (one telephone number) will be transferred seamlessly to Broadband Telephony without any need for a technical crew to visit them. Customers with additional fixed lines and/or broadband service(s) (Internet and/or television) will be provided with new equipment (modem) at no extra charge.
Can I keep my old telephone?
In practical terms, all devices such as IP phones, DECT analogue cordless phones and wired phones can still be used. The only exceptions are rotary dial phones, phones with pulse dialling and ISDN phones for residential customers.
What solutions are proposed for ISDN customers?
Customers that have a telephone system with ISDN interfaces and wish to keep it, the best solution for them is Business Telephony for PBX.

If you do not have a telephone system or you wish to replace the one you have, Business Telephony or Telephony Small Business is recommended. In both cases ISDN telephone needs to be replaced with IP or analogue phones. The internal cabling needs to be modified so as to connect the phone jacks to the modem.
Will my fax machine still work normally?

Your fax machine(s) will be connected to the modem and will continue to work normally. You may need to change your fax settings as follows:

  • Reduce the data transfer speed (baud rate) to 9600 bps or less.
  • Deactivate the Error Correction Mode (off) on your fax machine.

Cyta has a new fax service which will save you time and increase productivity.
Fax-on-Email lets you send and receive faxes by e-mail without using a fax machine. Your fax number is converted into an e-mail address (in the form from which you can receive and send faxes as attachments.

If you have a Hosted Exchange e-mail account, you will continue to use your company domain name:

The telephone number must be for Broadband Telephony and used exclusively for faxing.

Will my fixed line be more expensive?
No. The switch from Analogue to Broadband Telephony will not affect the cost of your fixed line. On the contrary, it will be reduced if you have more than one telephone line at home.
I do not wish to be transferred to Broadband Telephony. Do I have any other option?
No. The switch is a technologically essential change – one that is being made all over the world and will have a positive effect on all the services that we provide you with.
How reliable is Broadband Telephony?
Generally speaking, service cuts can happen with any technology. That said, surveys have shown that customer satisfaction following the switch to IP technology has either increased or remained the same.
Will my energy consumption increase due to the use of a modem/router?
Once a customer with Internet and/or Cytavision from Cyta is transferred to Broadband Technology, energy consumption is expected to remain the same. Generally speaking, a modem/router for residential customers uses approximately 63 kWh per year, with a total annual cost of electricity of €11.
What happens in case of a power cut? Will my modem/router and my fixed phone stop working?
In case of a power cut, your modem/router will not work and you will not be able to make calls. For incoming calls, you can activate Call Forwarding free of charge when your fixed phone is not working and your calls will be transferred to a mobile or fixed phone of your choice (activate with *94 and an 8-digit number – fixed or mobile. Deactivate with *95).

If you wish your modem to keep working during a power cut, you can purchase a mini UPS from Cyta or another provider, and that will enable your modem/router to continue working when the power goes off.
Lifts have an emergency call/alarm system using fixed telephony. As administrator of such a system, what should I do?
Cyta has developed special solutions (Telephony, Telephony Special Use), with which customers’ telephone service continues to function 24/7 even in the case of power failure.

If you have an alarm system or a lift on your premises that uses fixed telephony, just inform us of this and we will offer you the telephone service that best suits your requirements.
Is it possible that an alarm system connected to analogue telephony might have to be replaced?
It depends if the alarm system is IP-compatible. Many alarm systems should continue to function normally after the transfer to Broadband Telephony, following the installation of a mini UPS which can be obtained from any Cytashop. Cyta recommends that its customers check this important issue in conjunction with the system suppliers.
Will I have to pay an additional amount for new equipment following the switch to IP technology?
You will not need to change any of your equipment because, in practical terms, all devices such as IP phones, DECT analogue cordless phones and wired phones can still be used. The only exceptions are rotary dial phones, phones with pulse dialling and ISDN phones for residential customers.

However, if you wish to take advantage of all the benefits of Broadband Telephony, you will need to buy IP-compatible or HD phones from any Cytashop.
If my subscription changes due to the switch, will I still be charged the same amount?
  • For all the main fixed telephony products, charges remain the same.
  • Recently, great progress has been made in the creation and provision of combined product packages (Internet, telephony and television). Products and facilities are now available that can respond to even the most specialised requirements, such as local and international call packages, higher Internet speeds and a broad range of packages and interactive television services. You can find more information on the available products and special offer packages online. Go to
  • The expiry date for any contract that you have with Cyta will be transferred to the new Broadband Telephony products.