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Monthly User Limit

Take control of your telephone into your own hands. Decide on the maximum monthly charge for your telephone calls and relax!

With Monthly User Limit, you determine the maximum amount payable on your monthly telephone bill and thus avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

When your monthly bill for calls reaches the limit that you have set, depending on your preference:

  1. you will receive a warning text message (at approximately 70%, 90% and 100% of your chosen monthly limit) to a mobile phone of your choice
  2. you will receive a warning text message (at approximately 70% and 90% of your chosen monthly limit) to a mobile phone of your choice and your line will be temporarily disconnected once the limit is reached
  3. your line will be temporarily disconnected once your chosen monthly limit has been reached, without any warning messages.
If your line is temporarily disconnected, no outgoing calls will be possible from this line but you will still be able to receive incoming calls.

Reconnection will take place automatically on the 1st of the following month. You can, however, reconnect earlier by contacting Cyta.

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Connection FeeFree of charge-
SubscriptionFree of charge-

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Reconnection Fee€ 2,03Once Off

Note: Prices include VAT.
Monthly User Limit is available to all Cyta fixed telephony subscribers who submit an application at any cytashop.

Since the processing of call data for billing purposes is carried out periodically and not in real time, there is a possibility that the amount of your monthly bill may exceed the pre-set user limit. Expensive calls to premium numbers may put you over your limit and with this in mind we recommend that for additional protection you make use of the barring and coded barring services.

The limit is per line and applies to the cost of telephone calls each month. It does not include any other monthly subscription (e.g. line rental, subscription for facilities, etc.).

If the number of the mobile phone that you have provided for the sending of warning text messages does not belong to you, the written consent of the owner is required.
No need to worry
However "active" members of your family or staff may be on the telephone, you can be sure that they will not be able to "inflate" your bill.
For more information visit any cytashop, or contact the Cyta Call Center at 132.