Anonymous Call Rejection

Do you receive nuisance calls from withheld numbers? Do you want your telephone to reject anonymous calls? Then Anonymous Call Rejection is for you.

You can use Anonymous Call Rejection to reject phone calls from callers who have blocked the display of their telephone numbers. When Anonymous Call Rejection is on, your phone will not ring if callers have blocked the display of their number. Instead, callers will hear an announcement saying that you are not accepting blocked calls. They will be instructed to unblock their number if they want to reach you.

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Connection Fee€ 11,90Once Off
Disconnection Fee€ 11,90Once Off
SubscriptionFree of chargeMonthly
  1. Prices include VAT.
  2. There is a connection charge for Anonymous Call Rejection the first time you request the service. There is no monthly subscription or other charge.
Anonymous Call Rejection is available to all Cyta fixed telephony subscribers who submit an application.

Once you have submitted an application, all you have to do to activate the Anonymous Call Rejection is dial * 28 # from your fixed telephone and to deactivate it dial # 28 #.
Stay protected…
from unwanted calls, annoying and insulting behaviour.
For more information visit any cytashop, or contact the Cyta Call Center at 132.