Split Bill

Split Bill: Now, you can cover the costs of your employee’s business calls, simply and conveniently!


With Cyta’s new Split Bill service for large or small companies you can cover part of your employee monthly telephone bills with a predetermined amount, while the outstanding amount will be covered by the employees themselves.

What you can do

Through a special application under «My Cyta», Cyta allows your company the exclusive administration of the new Split Bill service, through which:

  • You can set up the telephone numbers of the employees for which the company wishes to cover part of their mobile telephone bills. For this reason, you must state the customer number that is registered on the telephone bill of each employee.
  • You can set the amount that you wish to cover each month, and this will be automatically credited to the account of each employee. You can set a different subsidy amount for each employee, in accordance with company policy.
  • You can set the month and the year that the subsidy will cover, as well as the expiry date.
  • You can keep a record of the service data by month, or by mobile telephone.

The amount that the company will cover will appear as a discount on the telephone bill of each employee before the addition of VAT. Simultaneously, it will appear as a charge on the account of the mobile telephone registered to your company that has been assigned with your application for the service.


To connect and administer the Split Bill service, you need to:
a) Ensure that the company and those working there have a Cytamobile-Vodafone pay monthly connection.
b) Register and create a company «My Cyta» on the Cyta website.

How to connect
You may submit an application for the Split Bill service at any Cytashop, or through Cyta’s Business Account Managers.

When applying for the Service, you will be asked to state the Cytamobile-Vodafone pay monthly plan mobile number to which the connection (€10,35 including VAT), the monthly subscription (€7,76 including VAT) as well as the total employee subsidy amount will be charged.