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Measure your speed

Measure the speed of your broadband connection using the Cytanet tool
Measure the speed of your broadband connection using the 2B2T tool

You can measure the speed of your broadband connection from a fixed network using the 2B2T tool located at the following link:

Your measurements are recorded and displayed on the map, only if you have previously registered and logged in to the application. A minimum of three (3) measurements is required. Registered users gain access to their own measurements history and personalized statistics.

It is recommended to directly connect your computer to the modem/router, using Ethernet cable connection. Wireless network (WiFi) may limit performance of your connection.

Before starting a measurement, make sure your broadband connection is not used by other types of software, computer or network device (e.g. IPTV decoder, security camera, torrents, etc). Network traffic generated by such sources may reduce accuracy of your measurement results.
2B2T uses the M-Lab measurement platform, which automatically assigns each measurement to the closest available measurement server. When the country's all available servers are busy, your measurement may be conducted by a server located in another country. In that case, if you are logged in, the results of your measurement will not be saved in your profile.

Detailed information is available in the 2B2T user manual and at the site of the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT).