soeasy Rewards Scheme

Participation Information, Terms & Conditions

The soeasy Rewards Plan ("Plan") is a reward scheme for Cyta's soeasy pay as you go customers and Youth Hybrid customers, which rewards participants with gifts through the Plan’s functions. The Plan is valid from June 2021 and will be governed by the following terms and conditions ("Terms").

2.1  All Cyta customers with a prepaid soeasy program (Classic, Talk, Text & Surf, International, Plus, Youth) and Youth Hybrid plan who are residents of Cyprus ('Participants') are eligible to participate in the Plan.

2.2  Cyta reserves the right to cancel participation in any of the participants and at any stage in the event of an abuse of services or benefits of the Plan.

3.1  Amendment and Termination of the Plan: Cyta may amend, withdraw, suspend and/or discontinue the Plan or any part thereof at any time, at its sole discretion, with one (1) months’ notice to participants, unless any modification, withdrawal, suspension and/or interruption is deemed necessary for reasons of force majeure. Reasons for Force majeure shall be considered to be any reason outside Cyta's control. In the event of termination of the Plan Cyta will not be subject to any obligation for any compensation of the participants

3.2  Contact: The Terms of the Plan can be found on the special website of the Plan (

3.3  Delete Participant: Customers who do not wish to participate in the Plan can call the Call Center 132.

4.1  Points Collection: Participants in each renewal of their account (“top-up”) will be automatically rewarded with points referred to as "Stars".

4.2  Scratch Card: The Scratch Card will appear daily on the special website of the Plan and the participant through it will have access to gifts, offers, participations in raffles and points. Each card has a validity period of one day and the participant cannot claim Cards’ gifts that have not been used in the previous days.

4.3  Monthly puzzle: The monthly puzzle available on the website enables participants to take part in raffles.

4.4  Badges: Badges are earned when the participant achieves specific actions mentioned on the website. At the same time, the participant gets points or participations in raffles. 

5.1  General: Participants in each top-up of their account will be automatically rewarded with points.

5.2  Additional Points: The participant may secure additional points to be credited to his account in the Plan in the various ways of Participation referred to in term 4. 

5.3  How to collect points: Points will be collected immediately after the top-up or any other action on the website that results in points as a reward.

5.4  Calculate Points: Points collected for each top-up are calculated as X5 of the value of the top-up.  For example, with a top-up of €10 the participant earns 50 points

5.5  Points Duration: Points accumulated in the period 1/6/2021 to 31/5/2022 will be valid until 31/12/2022. After the expiry of the validity of the points, the points are deleted and cannot be redeemed with a gift or money.

5.6  Redeem Points: Points can be redeemed through the special website of the Plan where the available gifts are presented.

6.1  The raffles are carried out within the framework of the Plan and all the terms of the Plan are applied.

6.2  The prizes for each raffle are announced on the Plan's website.

6.3  The lucky winners will be determined by the raffles that will take place at the announced dates.

6.4  The lucky winners will be informed via phone and will also be posted on Cyta’s pages on Social Media

7.1  The Participants in the plan can get rewards from the following categories:

  • Telecommunications Rewards (services) which may be Airtime, Minutes, SMS, International Calls, Mobile Internet and more, for a specific period of time. These rewards are activated directly into the participant's account as soon as they are earned.
  • Special Discounts/ Discount Vouchers: Participants in the Plan may benefit from special discounts and/or discount coupons offered in the context of special campaigns/promotions that will be made through the Plan.
  • Raffle Reward: Various rewards (electronic devices, smartphones, etc.) that will be given to the lucky ones after a raffle.

7.2  Cyta is not responsible for any incorrect or unrepresentative description of the rewards on the website and reserves the right to changes, corrections and/or modifications.

7.3  Rewards are personal and are not transferred, exchanged or requested to be replaced with others or redeemed in cash at any price.

7.4  Cyta reserves the right to modify the gifts as well as their number after a corresponding update of the website.

7.5  Cyta reserves the right to include new rewards or delete existing rewards from the Plan without any notice for participants.

8.1  Cyta shall not be liable for any direct or indirect cost that may result from delays or any other problem caused by third parties. Cyta shall have any Civil or Penal liability on any winner or third party, or be liable for any accident that may occur or damage that may be caused (physical or otherwise) by the use of any of the prizes and/or any other cause.

8.2  The responsibility of Cyta is exclusively limited in the provisioning of the planned prizes and their delivery. Cyta is not accountable for their good operation as well as for any problem that may result from their use for which total responsibility falls on the manufacturing companies.

  9.1 Participation in the Plan entails consent of the participant to receive informational SMS messages for the offers or the promotions of the Program that are in effect.

  9.2 Cyta has the right to promote the Plan and the winners thereof through the media.

Cyta has the right to change the terms and conditions of the Plan  at any time without prior notice. In this case Cyta will have no obligation to compensate the participants in any way.

Participation in the Plan entails the acceptance of the present terms and conditions.