Mobile FAQs

Vodafone Mobile Broadband

What is VMB?

VMB stands for Vodafone Mobile Broadband and it enables you to connect your laptop or tablet to the Internet via Cytamobile - Vodafone's mobile communications network. VMB consists of a USB Stick/Modem (unless your device has a built-in modem, as in some tablets) and special software that lets you:

  • Connect to your corporate network and the Internet at any given moment via the mobile communications network.
  • Send and receive e-mails and text messages (SMS), while providing instant communication through Instant Messaging (IM) applications.
  • Connect to the Internet from any location with 3G or GPRS network coverage without having to connect to a fixed line or an Internet Wi - Fi Hotspot.
  • Use apps that keep you constantly informed about issues that interest you.
How do I subscribe to the VMB service?

To subscribe to one of Cytamobile-Vodafone’s VMB plans you need to visit any Cytashop or a partner store with your Identity Card or driving licence. In case of a company, the authorized representative must present his/her driving licence or Identity Card, the Certificate of Company Registration together with the Certificate of Directors and Secretary and the company’s official stamp.

In case you own a Laptop or a Tablet with 3G capability you should only purchase the VMB SIM pack. If your Laptop or MacBook does not have 3G capability you should buy the VMB SIM Pack with Modem bundle.

How do I install the VMB software on my PC?
Firstly, you must follow the instructions in the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software installation guide which will appear automatically when you connect the USB Stick/Modem. Go through the steps and once the software is installed you will be asked to enter the PIN of your SIM card, select the appropriate type of plan (monthly or prepaid) and accept the end user terms and conditions. As soon as the necessary initial configuration is completed the main menu will appear and you simply click on “Connect”.
Which tariff plans are available;

There are two tariff plans:

  • Contract (Pay monthly)
  • PrePay (Pay As You Go και Pay As You Go-Holiday Pack)
For more information, visit

Although I haven’t opened my browser I get data charges. Why?
The most likely reason is that applications and the operating system (e.g. MS Windows®, Antivirus, Media players) that you use on your computer have been set for automatic updates. We recommend that you deactivate automatic updates in order to avoid unwanted charges.
Why data usage in VMB menu is different than my actual monthly bill?
The data usage option in the VMB menu shows only an approximate figure of data used. Only through Cytamobile-Vodafone’s network you can get exact amounts (see next issue).
How can I check/be informed about the amount of data I have used?

With Cytamobile-Vodafone, customers have total control over the amount of data they use and over their account by sending a text message (SMS) to 8000.

  • Text DLUEN to find out the amount of data used in Cyprus.
  • Text DRCEN to find out the amount of data used abroad.
  • All monthly plan customers will receive an initial text message (SMS) when they have reached approximately 70% and then 100% of the amount of data included in their tariff plan.
  • Even if you do not send a text message (SMS) to 8000, Cytamobile - Vodafone will text you to remind you that you have the chance to check your account.
  • If your device does not support text messaging, you can check your data usage through My Cyta, if you are a registered user.
How can I find out the balance of my VMB PAYG card?

Checking the balance of your VMB PAYG connection depends on the device you are using and can be done in one of the following ways:

  • If you are using a laptop with VMB software installed, you can check your balance via the menu of the application or by texting ΒΑL to 8000 through its SMS messaging capability.
  • If you are using a tablet that is SMS enabled, text ΒΑL to 8000 or simply dial *110# from your device.
  • If you are using a device not supporting sending and receiving text messages (SMS), you can register through My Cyta and find out your balance online.
What is the difference between the VMB PAYG Holiday Pack and the regular VMB PAYG?

With VMB Pay As You Go-Holiday Pack version, you can have instant access to the Internet on your laptop or tablet wherever you are, whenever you want, without contracts or commitments. The service is most suitable for those using a large amount of data over a relatively short period. The Vodafone Mobile Broadband Pay As You Go Holiday Pack is ideal if:

  • You want high-speed Internet access from anywhere without contracts or commitments.
  • You use a laptop or tablet and you need a wireless Internet connection outside your home or office for a limited period of time.
  • You use a large amount of data over a limited period of time.
  • You want flexible charging which applies only to the time you use the service for.

For customers who already have a compatible VMB Usb Stick/modem or use a tablet, the Holiday SIM or microSIM Pack is the perfect solution.

Can I use my soeasy SIM card with the VMB Stick/modem for data usage?
If you wish, you can use your soeasy SIM card with the VMB USB Stick/Modem by changing APN setting to cytamobile. You need to know, however, that in such a case, soeasy data transfer charges apply. For more information, go to
What should I do if I wish to change my VMB tariff plan?
To change your VMB tariff plan, you simply call 132 or visit one of the stores on the Cyta sales network with your Identity Card.
Can I use VMB when abroad? What are the charges?
Of course you can use the service when abroad. Charges differ according to the country and the network you connect to. For more information on charges, click on this link:
Can I use VMB on my Apple Mac?
Yes, VMB operates with the Apple Mac. You simply need to install the software that is suitable for that operating system. For more information about VMB and Apple Mac, click on this link:
Can I use VMB with my iPad or Android tablet?
Of course you can use the service with an iPad or other tablet. You simply need to choose the tariff plan that is best for you and insert the SIM card into your device, no VMB software is installed.. You will need to enter the right settings, exactly as you would with a mobile phone (consult your user manual for how to change the device’s settings). To find out which settings need to be entered, call 132 or click on this link:
How can I check my data usage when my device does not support sending and receiving of text messages (SMS), e.g. iPad (Contract/PAYG)?
If your device does not support sending and receiving of text messages (SMS) (e.g. iPad) so that you can find out your data usage in that way, you should register with My Cyta so as to check it online. Alternatively, you can remove the SIM card from your device and insert it into a device that can send and receive text messages (SMS) and text DLU to 8000. Within a few seconds you will receive a message informing you of the amount of data you have used since the beginning of the month.
What should I do when VMB keeps searching for a network?
If the VMB service keeps searching for a network, it is most likely that there is no adequate network coverage. To overcome the problem, change physical location (e.g. move near a window) and try again. If there is adequate signal but the USB Stick/Modem continues to search for a network, most probably there is a software or hardware ‘conflict’. If you fail to solve the issue please call 132 or visit your nearest Cytashop for assistance.
My signal is very weak. How can I strengthen it?
Your location may not have the best possible network coverage. Some buildings are constructed of materials that block the Mobile Communications Network signal. It would be better to move to a place where there is better coverage such as close to a window or another room (preferably higher in the building).