Mobile FAQs

4,5G Network

What is 4.5G?

The new 4.5G, that is brought for the first time to Cyprus by Cyta is the next level of 4G+ technology. With this network, Cyta enters the prestigious list of global pioneering organizations which offer this technology to their customers. The new and ultra-modern 4.5G network by Cytamobile-Vodafone is the most reliable and fast available on the market right now.

What is the coverage of the 4.5G network?

The 4.5G network already has base stations in all urban centres and major tourist areas and is constantly expanding.

What are the maximum speeds of the 4.5G network?

Cytamobile-Vodafone’s network can offer maximum speeds of up to 525Mbps through 4.5G technology. With 4.5G, the only limitation to the connection speed is the capability of our customers’ devices.

Do I need a special device to connect the new 4.5G network?

The use of 4.5G is possible on all devices: smartphones and tablets compatible with 4.5G technology.

What is the difference between 4G+ and 4.5G?

4.5G is significantly superior. The greater bandwidth and breadth of the 4.5G network offer important benefits to the consumer market as well as the business market. Taking advantage of the most advanced technological capabilities, we will soon be able to offer speeds of up to 700Mbps, something that few telecommunication organizations in Europe can offer.

What changes in the everyday experience of consumers with 4.5G?

With the new generation of 4.5G mobile communications, our customers enjoy:

  • Very high internet browsing speeds
  • Sending and receiving large files in very little time
  • Downloading video and music without waiting
  • Direct uploading and sharing on social networks
  • Excellent use of advanced multimedia applications
  • High-quality online streaming
  • Uninterrupted online gaming and
  • More realistic virtual reality experiences