Cyta Rewards Scheme

Participation Information, Terms & Conditions

The Cyta Rewards Scheme ("Scheme") is a reward Scheme for Cyta's  Pay Monthly customers (Mobile & Fixed Telephony, Internet, Cytavision) which rewards Participants with gifts through the Scheme’s functions. The Scheme is managed through a special website which can be accessed from the My Cyta app or from the website.

2.1  All Cyta Pay monthly customers ('Participants') who pay their monthly bill are eligible to participate in the Scheme:

- Cyta' s individual customers with at least one of the following services:

  • Mobile Pay Monthly Plan (Classic, RED, Freedom, RED Family & Black)
  • Internet Home
  • Cytavision (Value Pack, Variety Pack, Cyprus Football)

- Businesses and other legal entities that are Cyta's customers. The Public and broader Public Sector, Semi-Government Organizations and other Public Organizations, Local Authorities, Political Parties, and Trade Unions are not entitled to participate in Cyta Rewards. National and International Wholesale Market business customers and Cyta's Subsidiary Companies are also not entitled to participate in Cyta Rewards, (hereinafter called “Participants”).

2.2  Cyta reserves the right to cancel participation of any of the Participants, at any stage, in the event of an abuse of services or benefits of the Scheme.

2.3  If it is established that a legal entity not entitled to participate in the Scheme as per paragraph 2.1, is inadvertently participating in the Scheme, then Cyta will proceed to cancel its participation, without prior notification. Accordingly, the legal entity should notify Cyta if is inadvertently participating in the Scheme and request cancellation of its participation.

3.1  Amendment and Termination of the Scheme: Cyta may amend, withdraw, suspend and/or discontinue the Scheme or any part thereof at any time, at its sole discretion, with one (1) months’ notice to Participants. Furthermore, Cyta may withdraw, suspend and/or terminate the Scheme or part of it at any time at its absolute discretion with immediate effect if the Participants are guilty of willful misconduct or resorts to fraudulent practices in relation to the Scheme.

3.2  For reasons of Force Majeure, as such are considered to be beyond the reasonable control of Cyta, including but not limited to including but not limited to, acts of God, governmental action or omission or requirement of regulatory authority, natural destruction, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, fire, storms, heavy rains, typhoons, wars, enemy and military or terrorist action, rebellion, military or civil insurgency, riots or civil commotion, labour disturbances and  disputes, strikes, lockouts, failure or destruction of public utilities, mechanical or electrical failure Cyta may proceed in  any modification, withdrawal, suspension and/or interruption is deemed necessary without any prior notice. In the event of termination of the Scheme Cyta shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including direct or indirect damage or other damages, loss of revenues, profits or business).

3.3  Deletion of Participants: Customers who are Individuals and who do not wish to participate in the Scheme can call the Call Center 132. Business and other legal entities can call the Cyta Business Call Center at 150, through their authorised representative.

4.1  Points (Stars) Collection: Participants in each payment of their bill will be automatically rewarded with points referred to as "Stars".

4.2  Instant Win “Shake it”: “Shake it" is a special function that appears four (4) times every month on the website and the participant can win additional gifts, promotions, draw tickets and Stars, which have a specific validity period. The participant cannot claim prizes that have not been used in the previous times and have expired.

4.3  Grand Draw: The Grand Draw is available on the Scheme's website and enables Participants to take part by accumulating entries with various actions or redeeming Stars.

4.4  Missions: The participant is invited to achieve specific actions which are mentioned on the website and which alternate every month. The participant completing the missions will secure Stars or Draw tickets or other prizes.

Cyta reserves the right to modify the ways of participation in the Scheme without any notice to Participants and to utilize different ways of participation of Participants, based on commercial criteria.

5.1  Every time the participant pays his/her monthly bill, from any Cyta customer service point (Cyta Shop, Partner Store, Cyta website, My Cyta app, Bank transfer, Band Standing Order etc.) accumulate Stars in their account.

5.2  Additional Stars: The Participants may earn additional points to be credited to their account in the Scheme in the various Ways of Participation referred to in term 4.

5.3  How to earn Stars: Stars are earned one day after the payment of the monthly bill or immediately after any other action has been taken on the Scheme website which earns Stars as a reward.

5.4  Stars Earning Rate: The Stars accrued for each monthly bill payment are equal to the payout amount (€1 = 1 Star)

5.5  Points Validity:

Stars earned: Expiration Date:
From 30/11/2022 – 31/12/2023 31/12/2024
From 1/1/2024 – 31/12/2024 31/12/2025
From 1/1/2025 – 31/12/2025 31/12/2026

5.6  Redeem Stars: The redemption of the Stars can be done through the special website of the Scheme where the available gifts are presented (Rewards Shop). They can also be redeemed for Grand Draw tickets.

5.7  Only the person authorized by the Business or other legal entity to manage the electronic invoicing service and the Cyta Rewards scheme has the right to redeem Stars on behalf of the Business or other legal entity. Businesses and other legal entities will have access to the Plan via a link that will be sent to the email address, to the authorized representative that the Business or other legal entity has authorized to receive electronically the monthly bills of the services provided by Cyta, redeem Stars of users and submit/renew their authorisations.

6.1  The Draws are carried out within the framework of the Scheme and all the rules of the Scheme apply.

6.2  The prizes for each draw are announced on the Scheme's website.

6.3  The lucky winners will be determined by the draws that will take place at the announced dates.

6.4  The lucky winners will be informed via phone and will also be posted on Cyta’s pages on Social Media.

7.1  The Participants can get rewards from the following categories:

  • Telecommunications Rewards (services) which can be Discounts for Mobile, Internet, Cytavision and other services, for a specific period of time. These discounts are applied to the monthly bill and are activated from the current month.
  • Special Discounts/ Gift Vouchers: Participants in the Scheme may benefit from special discounts and/or gift vouchers offered through the Scheme.
  • Prize Draws: Various prizes (travel experiences, electronic devices, smartphones, etc.) which will be given to the lucky winners after a draw.

7.2  Cyta is not responsible for any incorrect or inexplicit description of the rewards on the website and reserves the right to changes, corrections and/or modifications.

7.3  Rewards are personal and are not transferred, exchanged or requested to be replaced with others or redeemed in cash at any price value.

7.4  Cyta reserves the right to modify the gifts as well as their quantity by merely modifying the website.

7.5  Cyta reserves the right to include new rewards or delete existing rewards from the Scheme without any notice to Participants.

7.6  Cyta reserves the right to make available in the Rewards Shop different gifts to Participants based on commercial criteria.

8.1  Cyta will not be liable for any direct or indirect cost that may result from delays or any other problems caused by third parties to the Participants. Cyta will not have any Civil or Penal liability on any winner or third party, or be liable for any accident that may occur or damage (physical or otherwise) that may be caused by the use of any of the prizes and/or any other cause.

8.2  The responsibility of Cyta is exclusively limited to the provision of the planned prizes and their delivery. Cyta is not accountable for their good operation as well as for any problems that may result from their use for which total responsibility falls on the manufacturing companies.

8.3  Participants are responsible for the safe management of their Scheme account and Cyta shall have no liability in the event of any loss of the login credentials or unauthorized access and/or redemption of Stars by an unauthorized person.

Cyta has the right to promote the Scheme/Scheme and the winners thereof through the media.

10.1  For the participation to the Cyta rewards scheme the processing of certain Personal Data of the customers or their authorized representatives will be required, for support, promotion and provision of the services offered under the scheme purposes.  This Personal Data shall not be transferred to the third companies by Cyta.

10.2  Rewards are redeemed using unique codes, which the Participants obtain either by redeeming their Stars or through the other mechanisms of the Scheme. The Participants shall present the unique code to the stores of the third-party cooperating companies, or submits it electronically, to get their rewards. When redeeming the code and depending on the type of reward, some personal data of the Participants may be requested by the third cooperating companies to get their reward (e.g. discounts for bookings to airlines). This data shall be provided by the Participants to the third company which shall be solely responsible for the protection of the Personal Data provided by the Participants, anf for receiving all required consents where needed to the applicable data protection legislation.

10.3  The processing of Personal Data by Cyta and the Cyta Private Life settings are described at the Privacy Policy.

Cyta reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Scheme at any time without prior notice. In this case Cyta will have no obligation to compensate the Participants in any way.