Special charges for hearing-impaired persons

Free videocalls for hearing-impaired person

Cytamobile-Vodafone within the framework of its effort to further accommodate the needs of people with hearing problems and in collaboration with Deaf People Associations, offers special charges for pay monthly and soeasy pay as you go customers.

These special charges apply to Cytamobile-Vodafone services that are proven to be substantially helpful in making the life and communication of deaf people a lot easier.

Special charges
For pay monthly RED customers

Free local Video Calls minutes are provided automatically to all customers select RED pay monthly plans (with handset or SIM only) as below:

Plan Free Video Calls minutes
RED 1 30
RED 2 60

60% discount on the total monthly cost for Video Calls after the exhaustion of free minutes.

For pay monthly Classic customers
  • Free monthly subscription (€3,50)
  • 60% discount on the total monthly cost for Video Calls.
  • 80 free SMS messages per month.
For soeasy pay as you go customers
  • 60% discount on the charge per local Video Call
  • 50 free SMS messages per month
To whom are these special charges targeted?

To Cytamobile-Vodafone customers, pay monthly and soeasy pay as you go, who will present a certified disability certificate, according to Cyta’s procedures for providing facilities to individuals with special social needs.

More specifically, these special charges are for people whose permanent residence is in Cyprus, as determined by the Republic of Cyprus with hearing disability of the level of 81 Decibels or greater, in both ears, who will present one of the following documents of proof:

• A certificate from the Department for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, stating that the particular person has a hearing disability of the level of 81 Decibels or greater in both ears.

• A certificate from the Audiology Centre of the Makarion Hospital or from any Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, confirming that the person has a hearing loss to the point that -even with a hearing aid - he/she cannot hear and therefore cannot communicate verbally with people with no hearing disabilities (i.e. deaf people) or a certificate from the School for the Deaf which confirms the inability of the person to verbally communicate with people with no hearing problems (i.e. hearing loss of the level of 81 Decibels or greater, in both ears.)

Eligible minors who wish to benefit from these special charges, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, will have to present the following:

  • A certificate from the Department of Social Welfare Services stating that the minor receives government aid, as well as a copy of the certificate of disability.
  • Birth certificate of the minor or a certificate from an association for the deaf on which the birth date is stated.
  • Identity card of the parents or guardian of the minor.
  • The application for the Provision of Telecommunication Facilities to minors with disabilities signed by the parents or guardian.
  • Guardianship certificate of the minor in the case where the minor is in tutelage.

Please note that as soon as the minor turns 18, the provision of special charges to the guardian will be discontinued and therefore, the beneficiary will have to present new documents in order to obtain the facilities again.

Additional information

For any clarifications concerning this certificate, you may contact the following associations:

Pancyprian Organization of Deaf
Fixed /SMS: 99529016
Fixed/Fax: 22356767
Email: paokdeaf@cytanet.com.cy
Cyprus Deaf Federation
Fixed /SMS: 99189740
Fixed/Fax: 22464197
Email: demian92@cytanet.com.cy
School for the Deaf
Fixed/SMS: 99412442
Fixed.: 22305422/5
Fax:  22305423
Email: eid-scholi-kofon-lef@schools.ac.cy
Pancyprian Association of Parents
of Hearing Impaired Children
Fixed: 22351255
Fax: 22518503
Email: syndesmoskofon@cytanet.com.cy
Lemesos Deaf Club
Fixed/SMS: 99258135
Fixed/Fax: 25388091
Email: omiloskofonlemesou@cytanet.com.cy
Larnaca Deaf Club
Fixed/SMS: 97779884
Fixed/Fax: 24633082
Email:  omiloskofonlarnaka@cytanet.com.cy

Τhe documents can be handed over to:

  • Cytashop
    The beneficiaries should bring the above-mentioned documents along with their identity card at any Cytashop.
    Applications for minors with disabilities should be submitted personally to any Cytashop, in the presence of both parents of the minor.
  • Deaf People Associations
    The beneficiaries should bring the above-mentioned documents to their association or / and to the School for the Deaf.
    The Associations or / and the School for the Deaf will then send these documents to Cyta’s Customer Service Offices by fax at 22702850.