eShop Terms of Use

The website includes the electronic shop (eShop) providing products, services and goods offered by the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, Telecommunications Street, Strovolos, PO Box 24929, CY-1396, with tax identification number 19101227X, VAT registration number 90000005D, telephone number 22701000 and contact email

eShop customers must be at least 18 years of age. The use of the eShop and the delivery of the products and services can only take place within the Republic of Cyprus.

eShop customers ordering Cyta Services must have previously signed the General Agreement for the Provision of Electronic Communications and the Special Terms of the Services at any Cytashop.

Cyta Services are governed by the General Agreement for the Provision of Electronic Communications and Special Terms of the Services. Subscribers are provided with a copy of the General Agreement upon signing the Agreement at the Cytashops.

2.1 Order Confirmation
Upon obtaining an online order for any product/service/good, Cyta will contact the customer via email (at the email address indicated by the customer) and/or by telephone to confirm the purchase.

2.2 Order Cancellation
The order can be canceled only during any of the following stages:
- When the order is not yet complete.
- When the provision/delivery cannot be made within the time limits set and the customer does not wish to complete the order.
- When the customer does not accept the product (only valid if the order concerns devices e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) upon delivery of the order for the following reasons: (i) The customer has changed his mind (in this case the customer will bear the shipping costs). (ii) The product is faulty and cannot be replaced.

It is noted that the customers also have the right to withdraw from the goods (=devices) purchase agreement in accordance with paragraphs 6 and 7 below.

2.3 Order Modification
Changes cannot be made upon completion of the order cycle. If the customer wishes to change his order, he/she should cancel it (provided that it is done during the above stages) and place a new order.

2.4 Product Availability
If any of the products/services/goods is not available, customers will receive an email or telephone call within a reasonable time from placing the order, informing them on the estimated time of provision/delivery. In this case customers have the right, if they deem the timeframe to be unsatisfactory, to request the cancellation of their order.

2.5 Order Delivery
Delivery of products/services/goods is made to the customer only by showing the original identity card of the person placing the order.

Payment of orders is made by charging the customer's account. In case of purchasing devices, customers can pay by credit or debit card.

Cyta takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of data and transactions made online. The transaction details (transaction number, subscriber identification number, payment amount, IP address), which Cyta collects and processes are used exclusively for the sole purpose of taking, executing and completing an order and/or payment. When an order is completed successfully, the customer’s account balance is updated within the Cyta systems.

For any query and/or questions regarding the use and charges of the products/services/goods, customers can contact 132 or email us at

Cyta accepts:
- Cancellation requests in accordance with paragraph 2.2 above.
- Requests to withdraw from the goods purchase agreement in accordance with paragraph 6 below.
- Returns only in the cases described in paragraph 7 below.

The provision/delivery of an order is usually made within two (2) to four (4) working days from the day the order is placed. In exceptional cases, and provided that the customer has been informed accordingly, the order provision/delivery time may be extended.

In cases of ordering a device, customers have the option to obtain the device at a Cytashop of their choice or to receive it via courier.
If the customer selects to obtain the device from a Cytashop, then there will be no additional charges.

If the customer selects home delivery by a courier service, then again there will be no additional charges. In cases where customers reside in remote areas, where home delivery is not possible, customers must select to receive the device at a Cytashop.

If for reasons of force majeure, Cyta is unable to deliver the goods within the specified time, the customer will be contacted as soon as possible in order to confirm whether he/she still wishes to continue with his/her order.

All devices sold through the eShop are covered by the manufacturer's guarantee under the conditions specified in the device manual and the guarantee of Law N.7(I)/2000. The guarantee applies from the date of the purchase invoice, so you are advised to keep your purchase invoice.

5.1 Manufacturer Guarantee
The guarantee covering the device ceases to apply if:
a) It is past the guarantee period from the date of purchase.
b) The damage is the owner’s/customer’s fault from cases such as: corrosion due to liquid or moisture entering the device, external batter, unauthorized intervention on the device etc.

5.2 Guarantee under the Cypriot Legislation
Cyta applies the 2-year guarantee according to the Certain Aspects of the Sale of Consumer Goods and Associated Guarantees Law (N. 7(I)/2000) which applies to defects in the device upon delivery. Under the Law, Cyta is responsible for conformity deficiencies (e.g. device defects) present at the delivery of the device and which are made known to Cyta within two months from the date the lack of conformity was found.

Complaints must be submitted to Cyta within six (6) months from the delivery of the device. After the 6month period expires, the burden of proof of the defect lies on the buyer.

5.3 Apple Products
Concerning Apple products, the consumer benefits from the manufacturer guarantee (par. 5.1 above), which in the case of Apple lasts for one year, as well as from the two-year guarantee of the current legislation (par. 5.2 above).

For Apple products the procedures in force are set out by Apple itself and implemented by its authorized workshop in Cyprus.

Updating the device software by the authorized laboratory is charged with the amount of €30 + VAT.

In accordance with the Consumer Rights Law N.133 (I)/2013 consumers have the right to withdraw from the goods (=devices) purchase agreement within fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase through the eShop. A sample of the withdrawal form is attached hereto.

For Electronic Communication Services the right of withdrawal and/or termination is subject to the provisions of Termination of the General Agreement and the Special Terms of the Services

Regarding the devices available through the eShop, refunds or exchanges are accepted provided that:

  • They look like new (they are in a working order, have not suffered any significant damage, are not declared as stolen or lost and there are no security programs).
  • They come with all accessories and original packaging.
  • They come with all the gifts that were given along with any specific offer.
  • The return is accompanied by the original receipt of purchase.

Returns or exchanges are not accepted in labor and/or service installations, disposable products, such as unsealed bluetooth headsets and unsealed computer software.

Customers can return/exchange a product at any Cytashop provided that the above terms are satisfied.

Customers may also send their faulty devices via a courier service company at the Strovolos Cytashop, 14 Strovolos Avenue, Myrtiana Court, 2011 Strovolos after communication via email to In such cases, Customers must bear the delivery costs.

It is noted that in case of returns, all personal data (mobile phone, tablet, computer or wireless data, recordings or videos) must be removed from the devices. Cyta is not responsible for any personal data that are included in the returned product or the product for exchange and offers no guarantee for the preservation of that data (personal or otherwise) upon the product’s return, exchange, or repair.

A device is considered faulty if it exhibits inter alia, any of the following indications and provided that the damage is not due to the customer:
- It will not switch on or switches off permanently
- The display has a defect
- The buttons do not work
- The camera module is defective
- Calls cannot be received or made
- SMS sending is interrupted
- The microphone or speaker is defected
- It does not charge

It is noted that the device is confirmed to be faulty by an authorized manufacturer workshop.

The return of faulty goods must be made within six (6) months from the date of purchase and the unit must be returned in its original packaging with all the accessories (accessories, user guides, etc.), together with the original purchase receipt.

The faulty goods return policy only applies to the following product categories: mobile phones, cordless phones, tablets, laptops, VMB USB sticks and Wearables & Gadgets. For Apple products, it is required that the device is not registered and activated on the Apple platform.

Customers may return the faulty goods either at a Cytashop, or send it by courier to the Strovolos Cytashop, 14 Strovolos Avenue, Myrtiana Court, 2011 Strovolos after communication via email to

If it is determined that the product is defective, or does not match the description/features, or does not match the specifications of the advertisement, or does not have the quality and performance that usually products of this type have, then the client is entitled in the following order of priority:
(i) Repair of the product.
(ii) Replacement of the product.
(iii) Reduction in the price of the product.
(iv) Cancellation of the contract and a full refund.

If the device is covered by the faulty product return policy, the customer will not be charged delivery costs. In any other case the delivery costs burden the customer.

The eShop includes content (e.g. information, names, photos, illustrations) and products from third parties.

Cyta accepts no responsibility in the event of any deviations regarding the product prices as well as a difference between the picture displayed to the actual product purchased by the customer. The eShop may provide links to third party websites for which the third parties are solely responsible.

This website includes the eShop of Cyta. The entire content of the eShop is Cyta’s intellectual property and is protected by law.

Cyta makes every effort for the maintenance and availability of the eShop. Cyta has the right to modify and/or discontinue all or part of the eShop temporarily or permanently with or without prior notice to customers for maintenance or upgrade purposes, or for any other reason.

Cyta makes every effort to protect the eShop from viruses. Nevertheless, it cannot guarantee that it will never be threatened by any viruses and for this reason, each customer must ensure their own protection (antivirus, virus scanners, etc.) prior to the use of the eShop or eShop information, software or content on the customer’s computer.

Customers may not use the eShop for / to:
(a) The transmission and/or dissemination in any way of any content and/or electronic messages which are illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libellous, malicious, pornographic, indecent, which infringes the private life of third person or otherwise unsuitable.
(b) Discrimination, degradation or offence of any person or a group of persons, based on religion, sex, race, nationality, age or disability.
(c) Harm minors in any way.
(d) Transfer of any content and/or electronic messages that they have no right to send, including proprietary and confidential information.
(e) Sending or disseminating any content and/or electronic messages that infringe the patent, copyright, trade mark, service mark, trade secret or any proprietary rights of any person.
(f) Collection, use, storing or surveillance of personal data.
(g) Offend the Constitution or any Act or International Convention applicable in the Republic of Cyprus.
(h) Hacking or attacks to the Service network and/or Cyta’s clients’ systems or networks.

Cyta is bound by law to protect all personal data (Act 138 of 2001), to take the necessary measures for the protection of personal information, to respect the privacy of its subscribers and maintain a Privacy Policy.

Rights and Obligations of Subscribers

  • Cyta Subscribers have the right to be informed in writing for the purposes of processing data concerning them, by applying to the Secretariat and Administrative Services, Telecommunications Street, PO Box 24929, Nicosia.
  • Cyta shall inform its subscribers in the event that their data will be legally disclosed to third parties.
  • Subscribers must protect all confidential information they are sent. Access codes and passwords are strictly personal and Cyta is not responsible in case they are lost or stolen. In the event of a loss or theft of access codes/ passwords, subscribers should inform Cyta as soon as possible.

Customers of the eShop should never reveal their password, since it is used to access their account. Also they should log off their account when they have finished browsing Cyta's website, so that people that will use the same computer (after them) do not have access to their data.

Customers are informed of the availability of products/services through appropriate verbal notifications. The online offers found on the eShop are always valid while stocks last. All prices include VAT. Cyta reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer. The customer always pays the price marked on the internal price lists for the specific product/service at the time of ordering.

For any complaints regarding Cyta or its Services or its Customer Care, customers may refer to:
(i) The Customer Services, either by visiting one of the Cytashops in person, or by calling the Call Centre at 132.
(ii) Online at:
(iii) The Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Services according to the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services Law N.112(I)/2003.
(iv) The online dispute resolution platform at:

Cyta’s liability for its products and services is specified in the General Agreement for the Provision of Electronic Communications, the Special Terms of the Services and the Manuals of the Products/Services the customer orders online.